September 2009

Eka's Portal Writing Group - September 2009 - thread - 7 submissions!

  • AndrewLondon
Title/Summary: Mouse: Impossible. A group of highly trained mice are perfectly suited to some kinds of industrial espionage. However, an ill-advised return visit gives them more trouble than they anticipated, and they are called on to use all their wits just to survive.
Rating and Classification: Heavily Macro/micro, FF/mf. Soft oral, bit of gore, bit of crushing. "Phone vore" :)
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  • bela
Title/Summary: Peeping Brat. Kid learns that girls have more than one feeling about boys.
Rating and Classification:Warning: sexual situation. F/M Same-size human naive unwilling. Underage characters.
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  • Black-Boo
Title/Summary: It's the final vore scene from my story Minish Plaything, a Zelda based fan-fic starring Link, Din, and Nayru (their oracle forms). In short, Din wanted to mess with Link so she shrunk him, but when she went out for a few minutes, Link fell into Nayru's caring hands. Too bad he lied to her on how he was transformed, and when Din came to reclaim Link, she lied as well. This could burn them in the future--and possibly Nayru's stomach! NOTE: This whole story is a "Sequel" or branch off of Hero Sandwich by ChaosEmerald2. The original work can be found on his DA page.
Rating and Classification: There is soft oral vore and mild digestion. Not much else to be said.
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  • Jacquelope
Title/Summary: The Many Journeys of Ian Scranton, Chapter 2. Ian Scranton meets Hollani, an Arari fairy who has sworn off eating flesh. Well, technically...
Rating and Classification: There is unbirth, extra soft vore, and even a fight between fairies. Essentially: FF/M, fairies and plant women as preds with one human male as prey.
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  • KavenBach
Title/Summary: Ambassadors of the Flesh, Chapter 1. The first story of a cannibal/dolcett series set in my perverse little world, except with frog-men as the meat-eaters instead of humans. A large group of female diplomats arrive in a hot, humid country ruled by frogmen called grenoils. Their purpose is to experience grenoil customs. However grenoils raise and butcher women, "piglets," for food! The diplomats are supposed to be safe, as are tourists, but... already the seeds of "mistakes" are being sown in this first chapter.
Rating and Classification: Soft grenoil/woman vore, fleeting public human sex, grenoil/woman sex, butchering/meat preparing scene, beheading, pheremonal lust, heavy sweating.
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  • Tiaji
Title/Summary: Collecting Her Catch. A pizza delivery guy making his last delivery of the night runs into someone from his past, and the best night of his life suddenly turns into the worst.
Rating and Classification: Contains nudity, sex, oral sex, F/M and soft oral vore.
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  • 4ofSwords
Title/Summary: Imaginary Dragons. Written on a lark this month based on a dream based on a story at FA based on a Christmas present! A bit of Sword and Sorcery fantasy aiming at a different take on dragons.
Rating and Classification: Rated R for some coitus interruptus and some gore. F/mm hard vore.
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