Shake, Rattle & Roll XV 2014

Shake, Rattle & Roll XV 2014


This is a really good vore scene from the 2014 Filipinohorror movie /Shake, Rattle & Roll XV/


The movie is the first result on google dude. It's fucking shit, but the scenes are on camera, so it got somthing right at least.

This is heavily edited, and actually three different scenes.

Is that how it happens in the movie or is there a piece missing where she gets swallowed?

I just saw the movie. I actualy prefer how this clip was put together since the actual scenes they are cut from can be somewhat "lacking" seperate. Well maybe not the girl eating the man for some, but seeing how that ends I this clip is much better.

There is another really good vore scene at about 40:30 in the movie and I really hope that someone can find that scene