Solution absorption scene

Solution absorption scene


Solution's absorption scene. I do wish there was more to the scene but I suppose that'd be greedy. I don't think we had it in the video section so here ya go.


whats the name of this anime?

It's Overlord.

I'm surprised it took this long for this to show up here, it's one of the rare examples of overt vore.

It can be a bit annoying uploading to this site since sometimes the quality of the video is affected, or it can take a while for it to show in the media section since it has to be approved first. Plus the process of making the clip in the first place too can be tedious. There's a lot of vore vids that should be uploaded to here but yeah...

From the(over lord)

Digestion very nice

Very nice and very slow.

Nice find! Quite a shame female vore is so hard to find in Anime or cartoons in general.

In most everything it tends to be which is a shame, but makes the moments we find them even better.

What is this from looks good?


Overlord anime series.

Dem titties so nice, they pull you in. XD

They really are something you can get sucked into ;) . lol.