• Stuffing: Definition*

Stuffing is a sexual fetish in which one or more of a certain person or animal's body cavities are progressively and sequentially filled up such that they bulge outward in a round shape. The exact identity of the stuffer, the stuffee, and the stuffing material, is variable.

  • Examples*

For example, under the heading of this fetish a furry wolf might gobble up 100 mice, or a human woman might be tied up and have 10 eels forced into her uterus, or a man might eat 20 hamburgers. There are many possible variations, but as long as the stuffing is progressive and sequential, and the end result is someone with a bloated belly, then you can safely say that stuffing has occurred.

  • Relationship to other fetishes*

Stuffing is tightly linked with maieusophilia in that the end result is almost always a pregnant-looking belly. It is also tightly linked with vore in that the stuffing material is very often a live animal or sentient creature--and in same-size vore, the predator's belly is almost always bulged out, making the stuffing category automatic. However, vore need not occur for something to be stuffing.

One major difference between stuffing and vore is that, under the heading of stuffing, the stuffee is quite often in some degree of pain from minor to major,  be it stretching pains, or a stomachache. In contrast, in a standard vore scenario, the predator is usually comfortable and in total control of the situation. In fact, many stuffing scenarios involve force-feeding, in which the stuffee becomes an 'unwilling predator' or a 'subordinate' character, not something seen often in vore.

Digestion is not necessary in a stuffing scenario but is optional, as is any benefit or transformation that may happen to the stuffee.