vagi vore custom full video for public

vagi vore custom full video for public


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i was so happy i found these


Good work, thats the stuff I'm a fan of

Obviously the more real the better, good job putting it together with real actors too.


Beutiful women, hot concept, but i will say the stomach bulge is a bit overdone....dispite that however, im still going to watch this multiple times

This is totally amazing. 

It is exciting. I am eagerly waiting for the other two videos. Hope your waiting period would have been over by now. Are they absorption types? Very much eager to see real szie absorption and merging scenes.

Where did this video go?

You commishioned this? You are now officially my hero!

Maybe you could request the original unmorphed footage, then ask one of our morphers, like Knt27, to do the belly work. I would contribute to pay him for it, if needed. 

Awesome! Be sure to post the others,too!

I dare say this bring vore one step close to being a fetish that is catedered to by the pornographic industry, congrats for being a pionner for alternate adult entertainment!

I personally loved it man, that redhead was absolutely gorgeous!!! If you ever make another vid please throw in some sneakers and socks, especially keds or converse with socks!!! Other than the request, I love this video and keep up the great work. 

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, because this video is amazing, but there is a much better looking way to achieve that vore effect without the green screen like that. A hole in the bed, or even just 2 mattresses side by side would allow a space for the victim to travel through and disappear from frame and go under the bed. The way she had her legs would have shielded the gap from view and it would have allowed for a much more lively swallowing as well as s bit nicer looking. Unfortunately I don't think there is a cheap and easy fix for the belly like that (without a bigger studio budget, an experienced cg specialist, or a 9 month shoot time I where the actress is first trimester pre vore and then after she hits full term they shoot the post lol [or twins! !]). There was this one live video Like this a while back where they did a ball under a dress but I think I liked this one better. Lemme see if I can scrounge it up. Also, thanks again for the upload! Haha a good(in theory) belly idea came too me. Instead of using an edit or prosthesis use an actual person! A specialized rig would have top be designed(mostly you be a re designed or retrofitted hiking backpack that's worn backwards). On model would wear it and the other would be "in" it. Then the rig could be lightly fitted with a skin colored latex (not the whole thing just the bottom half otherwise some one might suffocate) this way an under sized shirt could be worn over it giver the impression that the stomach has pushed out beyond the shirt. It would be fucking awfully uncomfortable for both parties but damn if it wouldn't look awesome. Lol gonzo commenting

Ok I agree.The belly shape could have been alot better but still good work not many try to do this sort of thing. Heh I bet people who just wanted to watch it for the sex was surpised near the end. Hehehe.


Be cool if someone dude a soft vore video.  :) Maybe a challange to have two victem.  The only thing i didn't like was the belly shape, needed to be a bit rounder, but i understand for a small studio it was hard to pull off.  But I really enjoyed it. :)

awesome, thanks for posting

"I wondered why more people didn't commission real life stuff like this.", I wonder how much it costs?


very good , this is the best real life vore I have ever seen!  thank you ^^

Pretty good, VERY HOT!!!

They need to replace that bed but otherwise this is the best real life vore I have ever seen!


pretty good

Very interesting. Thank you for sharing. 


I wondered why more people didn't commission real life stuff like this.