Vaginal Vore

Vaginal Vore

Vaginal vore is the act of consuming another through one's vaginal canal. A type of soft vore, this is similar to unbirthing in that the one consumed enters the predator's body through the vagina, but once inside the body, vaginal vore separates from unbirthing. Once inside, the person consumed will either be tucked into the uterus for digestion or will be sent to the stomach. From here, digestion goes on in whatever way the predator digests its prey, and techniques can vary in a myriad different ways just as in oral soft vore. However, an umbilical cord and other anatomy associated with the uterus do not come into play here, as the womb functions more like a stomach, otherwise, it falls into the unbirthing category.

Vaginal vore is often considered a form of soft vore, since chewing and shredding isn't involved before the actual consumption. There are plenty of exceptions, however. Some creatures have a second mouth integrated with their vagina. In this case, the vagina can take on many forms, from full lips replacing the labia with a set of spiky teeth within, to a sarlac style pit lined with spikes.

The mechanics of ingestion vary according to the writer/artist's tastes (NPI), as well. For instance, in MamaBliss' Mindless Consumption, the means of ingestion appears to be suction from the vaginal canal, presumably combined with some form of peristalsis, while in other examples, the labiae majoræ and minoræ work together, one gripping the victim to prevent escape and the other extending to draw him/her in. The two sets of labiæ alternate in function, and are aided by peristalsis, especially as the meal goes on and there is more of the victim inside for peristalsis to act upon. And it is not unheard of for the victim to be forced in from outside, by the hands and feet of the diner, or even, sometimes, the victim, willing and consensual, crawls in by him- or herself, in which case it is problematical whether the victim is truly a victim.

Similarly, digestion, wherever it might occur, varies from agonizing through mildly uncomfortable, to completely pleasurable.

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