A tricky word that includes too much to be easily specified; a group-name for most of the fetishes displayed on this site.

One could say that it originates from consuming someone whole, but consumption usually means eating, and eating involves digestion, which isn't necessary when some speak of vore.

Either way, one has to look at more specific areas to be able to understand vore. Vore in itself is just a way to group a bunch of sub-fetishes with something in common, but to specify that something isn't easy, because the variety between the sub-fetishes is so wide.

It has also come to be used as a verb:
To vore: meaning Carrying out the act of devouring somebody alive.

Do you know the "VORE" word is an Iranian Persian eld word in origin ?! and its main meaning is "eat" and nowadays this word used in "khor" (xor) pronounce in Iran ! , But in "Balouch" area in Iran that word called "vor" yet !

vore = khor (xor) وور = خور

vored = khord = ate  ورد = خورد

vortan = khordan = eating  ورتن = خوردن

vorey = khori = you eat  ووری = خوری

Someone into the fetish would be a "voreaphile," "vorarephile," or "voraphile." There are possibly a few other spellings of the word.

Some would argue that vore involves everything that involves a person enveloping another, but that isn't always true. A hard vore fan looking from the prey side is hardly enjoying the enveloping part and people in it for the digestion would argue that they are in it for exactly the opposite reason: because they are going to be pushed out of the predator, not because they are going to be enveloped by it. However, Endosomatophilia certainly can be linked tightly to vore in many occasions.

As we can see from the forum discussion, almost everyone who likes vore likes it for varying reasons and with varying points of view.