{Vore MMD} Pain Eats Naruto

{Vore MMD} Pain Eats Naruto



A vore MMD (MikuMikuDance) animation I made. It's my first vore MMD attempt so, it's probably not perfect but, hopefully you'll enjoy! Pain eats a micro Naruto in order to capture him. The stomach and gastic acid model, and the textbox model at the end, were all 100% made from scratch by me! c:


/Pain and Naruto are from Naruto Shippuden/

/Pain MMD model was from Littleaerith2140, edited by me to have some added vore morphs and a silhouette mode. Naruto MMD model from Narashadows, edited by me to be micro sized./

/Sounds are from freesounds.org and the music is from Naruto Shippuden (Akatsuki choir theme)./


<3 yes yes yes yes <3 

I do love it so far <3