Vore Tournament

The game Vore Tournament, version 0.7.0. For more information, check this page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/voretournament/files/

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A review

I've spent the last few hours playing you game and decided to give you a reiew of my impression your game left me with.


I'll admit that your game was indeed fun, but there was several problems that detracted from my fun a bit and a few problems that almost made the game feel broken.

The biggest problem was the main gun. While I'll admit that the hookshot like part was very fun and usefule for holding onto enemies long enough to eat them, but the problem came in when I tried to weaken the enemies with the alt-fire. Since the alt-fire is bound to the same button as the claw show, I often charged a group of enemies planning to spray them with death before escaping  their gullets only to fire four claw shots instead. This also happened to get me killed a few times as I tried to use the claw shot to drag me out of lava or acid only to have it damage spray because the wall was considered to close. This seems like it could be easily remedied by simply making the two shots seperate bottons/keys or making them two diffrent guns (more guns would be a plus in my book).


I also experienced problems in the toutorial, I was learning the ropes just fine until I reached to room where they wanted me to lay down some alt-fire on a trigger across the room. I searched the room for half an hour without finding the supposed trigger and eventually had to quit out and try try to learn things in single player which left me unsure what I was doing half the time and even now as I rage quit around level 18 unsure that I know what I'm suppose to know. (I accadentally blew myself up once).


Speaking of single player, it was fun though some of the levels came across as tideous. In later levels you were required to capture the flag a rediculous amount of times, sometimes on huge maps with the flags gaurded by laser defense systems. Speaking of which, said lasers were one of my larger complaints in the game as they are perfect accuraccy and can clean out my health bar in a few seconds. I'm not saying get rid of them, but at least make them have to be controled by a player or something so that they can miss and aren't always on.


Spoiler Warning:


Now the actually story was only about a five or six to start with, but I was willing to overlook that until the later levels. I'm willing to overlook the fact that my squad got eaten by a character we'd just finished spanking so hard it was sad, but then you made it to where I HAD to be eaten or I failed. The story seemed to me to point towards either me or the princess could have eaten the other to form a perfect being to challenge the great evil. Heck it would have been better if I at least got to play as the princess durring that mission and hunting myself down. Then the very next level I pitted against four creatures that move fast as lightning and can swallow/digest me before I can blink, and you expect me to beat fifty of them? ONE of those things could have served as the final boss.


That's about all for now, your game needs work, but could be a real jem with a bit of polish. gl.


Good job! :D

On my quick skim through your SF site, I couldn't find a whole lot of info, and there weren't too many accompanying docs.

I'd like to help out with some content creation for this. Looks like it has it's base on UT, which I'm familiar with making some levels for.

Feel free to contact me (or not) via email. (torrlewolf at gmail dot com)