What ex-popular stuff do you miss the most?

10% (80 votes)
11% (87 votes)
5% (41 votes)
6% (52 votes)
11% (92 votes)
23% (182 votes)
Crystal Pepsi
34% (270 votes)
Total votes: 804


I sort of think that all of

I sort of think that all of these have been replaced by better things.

I have to disagree on the

I have to disagree on the account of Crystal Pepsi. That stuff was awesome. My friends and I once went thought 3 bottles of the stuff during a single sitting.

Yeah, Crystal pepsi was

Yeah, Crystal pepsi was awesome. I was so sad when the return was a hoax.

I also miss Digital Audio

I also miss Digital Audio Tape.

Mine wasn't actually on here,

Mine wasn't actually on here, but the closest would be WordPerfect. I miss MS-DOS.

ICQ, the draconic messenger?

Why is it ex-popular? Me and most of my friends use it regulary... D:


It's gotta be pogs, best thing to come out of 90s.. Well except for all that other awesome stuff that came out of the 90s. :p

I miss Orbitz, the beverage,

I miss Orbitz, the beverage, with the little balls floating around in it. 

That's news to me.

AltaVista was once popular? I know I used it, but from my standpoint, even way back almost everybody just used Google instead.

AltaVista predates Google. 

AltaVista predates Google.  The main attraction of AltaVista, back in the day, is that it had full text search of Web pages, which nobody else had back then; Yahoo! (and other search engines) would search a few keywords and maybe the meta tags for the pages, but mostly relied on humans putting them in some kind of hierarchy.  The other attraction was BabelFish, an online machine translation service. |d|i|g|i|t|a|l| originally built AltaVista to show off their Alpha hardware (the successor to the VAX machines).

It also had Alta-vista

It also had Alta-vista Babelfish, which as far as I know was the first internet translator that I can remember.

Dr Pepper

I know the US and most other contriues have Dr Pepper but in Australia we dont have it anymore. I am a big fan of it and if I want to get a drink or 2 I need to pay 3-4 dollars for a can. Bring back Dr Pepper and stable internet -.-

That's the sadded gat dang

That's the sadded gat dang thing I ever heard. I hope y'all got it back by now.

Crystal Pepsi

Sure it wasn't that great, but it was a fun drink. I do kinda miss pogs, I still have a bunch of them *giggles* ICQ was good for a bit, but the mechanics were a bit clunky, and I stopped using it when I got to Eka's Chat.


I still use Word Perfect, it works for what I need, and doesn't have all those extra gizmoes that get in the way when I just want to type something quick for college.


I too, still miss pogs. I've still got a bunch of them, along with a slammer.

How is WordPerfect not higher

How is WordPerfect not higher up?

Crystal Pepsi wasn't that great.


Call me a weirdo but I sort of miss AOL.


You're a weirdo. :P


 You've got mail!