What is the most important quality in predator?

57% (411 votes)
20% (142 votes)
15% (109 votes)
8% (54 votes)
Total votes: 716


! Intelligence

Intelligence is what I admire most of the four, though compassion and emotional rapture I admire above all.


Although I went with smarts, I am fond of the idea of a steathly ninja sneaking into a base & AVing key targets silently and efficiently... if anyone wants to do an rp about this as the pred, lemme know~


Just pointing out it all starts with an 'S' :D

Old comments

A beautiful and sexy human girl that wants to gobble up a guy is the best.
a predator, especially a female one, must be able to seduce her prey into a state of submission then swallow them whol
A seductive predator can be the most devastating.
a smart pretator can use any of the above traits to his advantage. or become one of the other traits as well. kind of like the brains over bronze idea
All of the above, tigers ftw accept no substitutes!
being smart means you can think up clever ways to tease your prey! ^-^
Better to be eaten by a sexy thing then not getting anything in return.
Can\'t be seen, can\'t be heard, can\'t be smelled, can\'t be prevented.
Depends on the situation of course. I prefer strength, the second on the list would be brains, then stealth. Seduction, not my cup of tea.
HArd to notice em...
hmmm i think that they would need to trick thim first then overthrow them with stength if the prey fights back
Honestly, I dislike the whole Pred/Prey Motive, being that I like to move towards a more romantic version of scenario... usually this involves consent on all levels of the spectrum *assumes squeaky fairy voice of annoying yet clichely appropriate type* purely out of love for one another! */voice*
Honestly...it\'s a bit hard to definitely say which is most important at an one time/situation.
i choose seduction because the pred could easily make you do anything he or she wanted making you easy prey
I chose Smarts, seeing as if you\'re using your head enough, you can come up with almost any way to outsmart your prey. And have dinner tonight. ^.~
I dunno, I think stretchiness plays a rather big role too. I like it when a pred can stretch enough to show a solid outline of the struggling prey. Mmmmuurrrrr....
I find cunning also would compliment seduction. The best vore style that I enjoy is light bondage but cunning seduction leading to involuntary snack for the predator.
I get outsmarted and caught all the time...
I picked smarts, but the correct answer is, a good predator should have them all. He or she should be able to dominate his or her prey in every possible way.
i said seduction, but i think it is a mix of strength and seduction
I think a Predator, either male or female, capable of seducing its prey to the point it will offers its life and body to Him / Her, has the greatest strength of them all.
I voted for strength, but truthfully it\'s a mixture of all for me.
if the predator doesn\'t look good then its going to have the hardest time getting its prey
If the prey is seduced then it makes for a much easier capture and once caught they can then start to feel worried about what the predator will do with them. Seduction is definately the most intriguing, smarts comes a close second as there is so much you can do with technological or magical advancements ^_^
Intelligence always helped many preds to outsmart their prey. They don\'t need strenght too much to catch a prey. ^^
Intelligence is key Strength < Smarts
it takes smarts to do all but the strength part
It\'s one thing to catch unwilling prey. It\'s another skill to turn them willing, at least until the last moment.
It\'s very difficult to decide. I want to say strength but then I recall the romantic aspect that comes with seduction, something I don\'t think about all that often. I think I\'ll go with Strength. Trying to analyze what I like about vore, I like that forced aspect (strange that I\'m not into S&M otherwise).
I\'ll go with seduction. That\'s what I use. :)
Lolz, im in ur poll posting u commentz!
Most predators have something that makes them equal to their job. But before any of that can be effective, there has to be a lure of some sort. For crocodiles it is the water, for spiders it is the illusion of freedom around an invisible web. But it is almost always there, right up until the moment that the fangs sink in.
No sense in alerting your prey when your still a mile away...
predators are most dangerous if they can lure you into a false sense of security
Same in prey. Any creature can run, but it takes smarts to set traps and play mind-games.
Seduction all the way!
Seduction is the most powerful tool, humans are easy prey if a predator can pull seduction off.
Sexy and seducing female preds, w00t!
sexy ftw
Smarts is good. If you\'re good in other areas, but dumb as a post, you\'ll probably have a hard time. If you\'re smart and stealthy, though, you pretty much can\'t lose.
smarts is the most important. cus if you\'re not smart you\'re not catching anything to eat for some time ^^
The sneakier the pred to better the pred
The way I see it, a powerful carnivore can eat anything smaller and weaker than it. However, an intelligent predator can come up with a way to catch and eat *anything*.
They gotta be smart enough to make into their prey, right?
They have to be sexy...it\'s just necessary.
Thinking is the best way to hunt.
This is probably the number one answer, and I hate to go with the crowd.. but hey, it\'s a Fetish, and seduction fits the theme of that better.
Ultimately, it is strength, after all a good predator must be able to overpower it\'s prey any time.
Well, usually I wouldn\'t think stealth would come into play all that often, unless the predator was a naga or something serpentine (possibly aquatic)...Seduction again is something that you would really need a certain kind of predator for...I guess I\'d have to go with strength.
What else matters when the prey never sees you coming? Hehe.

Who needs to hunt prey, when you can just seduce them into willingly climbing into your tail or maw XD

yea really. heh heh...
You need to go unnoticed...