When it come to vore/unbirth/etc. Do you prefer willing or unwilling?

Depends on mood
41% (1039 votes)
34% (864 votes)
23% (591 votes)
Other, see comment
2% (45 votes)
Total votes: 2539


Exhibit re-submission

AS a prey I'm very willing especially with anal vore, but I still like to scream and act scared. I honestly love it, I'll pretend to act unwilling but only in a snobby/irratated way, NO crying or rape, that is a no go.



what i prefer depends on the actual content, i prefer unwilling to be safe vore, vs willing, withc dosent matter to me


I prefer consensual

What I like in detail is, when the prey only partially likes it.

Unwilling may also be cool, but in this case I prefer, when it's not too brutal, but the prey has to get around with the situation, may even be persuaded.

When the prey is willing, it should rather be kind of scared. But a careless attitude may also be nice.

Honestly when it comes to it,

Honestly when it comes to it, I think that when the pred is unwilling and the prey willing that it is insanely hot! Or if it's accidental vore.

But really, it's good either way as long as someone ends up in someone else's belly...


I'd say willing prey feels weird to me, so unwilling is my choice.


Someone swallowing someone whole, sure that's not how biology works, and would make audible speech impossible, and would crack ribs, but it's hot so I'll accept it, but someone having a vore fetish? that's absurd! no one has a vore fetish except preds. Sorry if this comes off as rude, I see where you're coming from and wanted to joke a bit.


Ever since I was young, I've fantasised about being willing prey. Though depends on who the pred is s well,

I've also envisioned other scenerios that the pred is unaware. E.g. I'm in their drink and they swallow me without realizing.

I've always been a willing

I've always been a willing participant. Always.


For me it depends on the vore itself. For soft vore I like a willing prey, same for unbirth, where as I only like unwilling prey for hard vore. But I also enjoy seeing someone being stuffed into a tight twat or butt against their will and sometimes willing anal vore is fun too.


I don't have anything against willing but I mostly enjoy unwilling since I enjoy digestion and I doubt many enjoy going down someones gullet to be dinner. But part of the reason I like it is because it shows dominance from either you as pred or someone else as pred.


Call me crazy, but I've always found it more fun to see a willing prey. Maybe it's because they're having fun with it, too...

depends on mood

it kinda depends if im in the mood or not, but softvore is where im at. 


i don't mind being soft vore or unbirth as long as i trust one person and that person is special to me.

the person i trust is a pred while i am the prey.

i am willing to be a prey on soft vore as long i don't get disgesting, i can stay in stomach as long as the pred want me to.

and willing to be a prey for unbirth, i know i will be warm and safe in pred's womb, yep that's for sure.


I prefer unwilling. I dunno, willing has always seemed a bit weird to me and I ususally can't stop thinking "wait a second here, why would they /want/ to get eaten?" (I'm 100% pred though so of course I wouldn't understand lol) So I just prefer unwilling the majority of the time. I do like a willing very rarely though cause it changes things up quite a bit and it might be funny to have a pred do a double take at the unususal reaction, and maybe even have the pred become nervous and uncomfortable cause it's just so unusual. If it's a pred that is usually wicked dominant that would make it especially priceless! XD

More for UnWilling

Usually like to see the prey be unwilling, but there are a few times when willing prey is made interesting.

Kinda like both

I'm mostly into unbirth and generally prefer willing prey, but unwilling prey can be real nice as well.  Depends on how it's written, I guess.  It's also fun to see the prey cocersed into doing it, or tricked into it.


Oddly, I prefer willing. I try to imagine myself in vorish things, and I'm definitely a prey. And if I was given the opportunity for... something, I'd definitely be more than willing.


I prefer willing, with unwilling digestion. Or just unwilling, but there's something really hot about betrayal.

ONE of the two have to be

ONE of the two have to be unwilling for me. Whether that's the prey or pred is dependant on mood.

I like willing pred/unwilling prey OR unwilling pred/willing [dominant] prey couplings.

Well, for me it depends on

Well, for me it depends on the overall mood of the piece. If it's erotic, I prefer if everyone is comfortable. The prey slides down the pred's throat with no questions, maybe even pulling herself down, then getting comfortable in the stomach for a nice, long rest. If it's comical, someone usually has to be surprised by the fact that one is eating the other. Maybe a girl goes hiking with her centaur friend, she asks if she can ride her home and ends up riding in her stomach.

My favorite is Unwilling Pred

My favorite type of vore is Unwilling Pred. With the pred frightened and physically restrained, the act of vore becomes a new kind of penetration. It's quite interesting, really.


Sometimes I like to see willing, but the prey thinking they will be let out quickly as in Beth Loves Foolish Food ( the 1 that got me hooked on this site! ) and the Fairys Game ( hope that is close enough to the title ). But then again I really enjoyed You're a Munchie and Sibling Rivalry.

I somewhat like hunting

It depends on mood.

As much as I enjoy willing - you cannot have a Pred hunting  willing Prey.

Old comments

A combonation of willing and unwilling... That I coulb best describe as a nervous exictment and fear...
A mixture of both, I think ... the eroticism tends to overpower the fear, horror and pain.

On the other hand, that might not get to me at any given moment, and my mind might go off in a different direction.
Always willing, but sometimes it is still a bit scared of what is happening.
An unwilling PRED is on the top of my list.
As I have told others, I do not think of myself as \"prey\"...I\'m a \"victim by mutual concent\"
As long as it\'s not painful, I\'m willing ^^
Basically willing. But a hesitant or unwilling predator is also fun. A predator forcing it on the prey won\'t do, but if the situation forces it on both, that is also good.
Because willing seems illogical. XD
Chances are that they are willing, but it definitly adds something if they\'re not.
Consensual, even participating, all the way...
Depends; if it\'s a \"give up\" willing, then no. Otherwise, fine.
Horny then willing

pissed off then will wtf pwn any nabekake that opens their mouth more than 5 centemetres wide in my direction

i adore a squealy helpless pleading lass...
I always wanted to play some sort of creature that has such strechy skin as to be a stress toy. Maybe even a sling shot.
I like seeing the victim to be digusted and scared, but not in tears.
i like to struggle if im being pulled into a girl
I love being the unwilling prey to any large and powerful predator! Because the chase is half as fun as the capture, which altogether is only part of the experience of the fear and struggle of being eaten alive! Go unwilling! =^,.-.,^=
I love it when the prey is unwilling because it puts up a little bit of a fight, not that it can win anyway... But what\'s really awesome is when the pray is swallowed whole then spends some time in the big belly, then is crapped out the anus totally unharmed... Then get\'s swallowed again!
i love vore, why i must pretending say\" no, don\'t eat me\"
I mostly prefer willing. If the prey is unwilling, the pred has to be innocent (i.e., unaware of the prey, or genuinely seeing him as food, etc...).
I prefer it when I\'m used against my will, mostly as I like to feel embarrassed in certain situations of a larger female exerting her sexual needs on my tiny female body.
I prefer prey to be decieved, believing they are safe until the last possible moment.
I prefer willing, especially if its a gore type of artwork or story, Though unwilling is fun to see sometimes too.
I think that it definitely depends on the mood. There\'s a slight sensual aspect to being willing, but there\'s also the excitement of the being unwilling, as that can be just as thrilling for the prey as it is for the pred.
if i want to be unwill, i\'ll ask somebody to eat me X3
if im the prey then sure im willingly to that =)
If I\'m just watching, I like unwilling; but if I were to be the prey, I would put up a mild struggle, just to be playful, and then let myself be engulfed.
If the character can be convinced enough, it\'s a willing/unwilling case where they want to do it but are really afraid to do so.
ill be willing! as long as its not painful and i dont die
its hotter if theyre in fear
its much better when they struggle under the situation and are caught off gaurd
Love all that wriggling and squirming!
Mood dependant.
oral only
Squirming and screaming all the way, baby!
Struggling makes the prey taste better ^^
struggling prey is much more fun
technically i like both sumtimes it is cool to see willing and unwilling UB ALL THE WAY
Thrashing around is ecstasy for the pred...
Unwilling all the way.
Unwilling for the pray and sometimes the pred as well.
Unwilling makes it more of a dominated experience when it happens, and also it usually ends up being much more detailed and not just a simple sit and be eaten.
Unwilling of course, if I am tiny, I have no say what the giant will do. Period.

When I am giant, I do the same. Not taking requests.
Unwilling, but forced/convinced/seduced into accepting the fate.
Unwilling, convinced into willing. Lots of hugs involved.
Unwilling, especially if the prey is female. And if it\'s unbirth, the unbirther should be unwilling. Because that can be funny to watch. :3
Unwilling, for the most part.
Usaually Unwilling, cause its more fun.
Usually unwilling.
Vore: Unwilling.
Unbirth: Willing.
The difference is the results. Unbirth is a GOOD thing for people. Vore... not so much.
Weird, but I\'m unwilling only...
Well it depends on the type of Vore:
Soft vore: willing
Hard vore:un-willing
What\'s the point of hunting when you know that your prey is going to walk right up to you?
Willing but reluctant
Willing is the best, think about it you have complicit control about how they / we go in. Its pure awesomeness.
Willing is too unrealistic for me
Willing or unwilling, doesn\'t matter. They all end up travelling down the throat, and they all end up the same way.
With vore I don\'t mind other way. If it\'s willing, though, I prefer the one being eaten to come back out at some point, or have their body reconstructed through some means for when digestion starts so they live on. Unbirth, I prefer it to be willing, although someone evil being unbirthed and regressed as a punishment is also high on my list.
Wriggling makes for more . . . opportunities

I prefer the Willing Type of

I prefer the Willing Type of Vore. But, I'd rather ask first before being eaten.


Both. In fact, I find it difficult to enjoy a roleplay as prey (my typical role) if my character isn't experiencing some combination of pleasure and terror that creates internal conflict for her. The distributions of each emotion are variable, but I don't really ever do 100% "willing" or "unwilling".

Really depends on mood. I

Really depends on mood. I lean more toward unwilling because I like the wriggling, frantic motions of the prey in distress - that and I loooove painful digestion. But willing also appeals to me for being more calm and laid back. Vore and sex tend to link closer together with willing prey for me.