When poured on to cereal, is milk a...

11% (63 votes)
34% (204 votes)
24% (145 votes)
11% (68 votes)
19% (115 votes)
Total votes: 595





Milk, as I understand, started off as a drink. If you pour a beverage over cereal, it's still a beverage. (...if you mean from a human woman, though, I think you mean to use the word "elixir".  ^w^)

After I'm done eating cereals

After I'm done eating cereals I drink the leftover milk so it's obviously a beverage.

After I'm done eating noodles

Is the broth a beverage too?


Um, milk is milk. It is the product of a farm animal's udders. Or a woman's breasts. Take your pick.


In absense of someone to willingly give me their milk I use plant based, it lasts longer and is healthier meaning a higher chance of growing old enough to see reformation invented. Also it's a beverage or softener, it isn't soup since it isn't important, even water can be used fine, it isn't a salad dressing due to amount used and impact on serial, it's a softener like how sower cream or other liquids are used to soften the taste of spicey food.

This is Important

I think this may be history.

But I never use milk so yeah.

Am I alone here?

I never, ever put milk on my cereal. It makes the cereal soggy and gross-tasting (to me, anyway). The only exception would be chocolate rice krispies, because then you get chocolate milk afterward which is totally worth choking down the initial soggy mess!

That being said, I picked condiment because to me it's a completely optional ingredient that some people like to add, and some (like me) don't.

You Are Never Alone

I also never use milk.

Though I think it's a broth.



My first thought was Other:

My first thought was Other: gravy.  But then the thought of lumpy gravy made me ill.  It can't be broth, as broth is water boiled with stock (beef, chicken, fish, vegetable, etc).  A condiment is added as an afterthought, and I think of milk as more important than that.  A beverage is usually it's own course in a meal, and milk is integral to the breakfast scenario.

So I pick Sauce.  It's a very thin, mostly tasteless sauce designed to soften the cereal and add some weight and moisture to the otherwise dry food.

[quote]It can't be broth, as

[quote]It can't be broth, as broth is water boiled with stock (beef, chicken, fish, vegetable, etc).  [/quote]


If this is the dictionary of broth, then milk may be a broth. Venus (aka Aphrodite) is incredibly hot. Her breasts are so hot, her milk is steaming. Milk has several ingredients, one of them being water. Therefore, her voluptous breasts create a milky broth. This is my (bad) way of being funny.

Hopefully, Symbiote gets a good laugh at my joke, and his toes were not just flattened as a result. 

te other. it's an

te other. it's an ingredient.

Mainly because the only real purpose for milk on cereal, for me, isto soften it up so it doesn't tear up the roof of my mouth. :P

I vote for justice! I mean broth.

I voted for broth just because it's the one that fits the best in my opinion. Sauce or condiment would've worked alright as well. Milk isn't a beverage when it's in cereal, but to me, milk is -never- a beverage. When you drink milk it turns solid in your stomach, your body compacts the milkfat into food rather than a drink, so milk is a food. Just because something is in liquid form doesn't mean it's a beverage. A smoothie, for example, is fruit. A milkshake is dairy-based food. A protein shake is food-esque... A can of ensure is gross and for old people.


Opinion: Milk is a broth when used with cereal.

Fact: Milk is a condiment when used with cereal.



I'm gonna have to say it's a beverage just based on the way I eat the rest of my food. Sure I have them both together at first but then I get to the end of the cereal and I'm left with nothing but flavored milk.(Which is delicious by the way.) It's the same way I eat sandwiches. I dunk them and eat them then I drink the excess milk. Plus broths aren't normally cold, and a sauce kind of makes sense but you don't drink them outright, same with condiments.

These polls are much better than the previous ones.

This is a very good question, as it challenges preconceived notions. Unfortunately, I recently came across an image where someone was expressing astoundment that "cereal with milk is a soup". As I analyzed the scenario, I realized he was right. There's a bowl of liquid that has solid pieces in it, and both components of the meal are intended to be eaten.


That's why I had to go with broth. The milk is a broth for the cereal. A beverage gives the sense that it's a palate-cleanser or a refresher of sorts. A condiment would imply that the milk is merely a topping on the cereal, but of no real importance (and optional--cereal without milk is a completely different meal in my perspective!). And lastly, I didn't choose sauce because I find that doesn't stress the importance of the milk (similar to condiment). I don't eat the cereal and leave the milk in there as leftovers; I drink it all up, just as I do with the broth in my ramen or chicken noodle soup.


Milk around the cereal is the broth of the soup.


Excellent point Assimilation.

I was kinda jumping between milk being a broth or a sauce.  They both compliment the food and used in the food’s preparation.  But after doing a little reading I found sauces are not typically eaten by themselves whereas broths can be.  The milk can be eaten with the cereal or eaten (i.e. drank) by itself.  I also figured it wasn’t a condiment because one typically has a good helping of both milk and cereal where one would typically have a lesser proportion of a condiment to the actual food they are eating.  Like ketchup to a French fry, either covered or dipped, one usually has more of the fry than ketchup (at least for most people).

The poll

Thats a very good question, never entered my thoughts before.