Witching And Bitching - Godess Eats Boy

Witching And Bitching - Godess Eats Boy


A condensed edit from the spanish film 'Witching and Bitching' which shows a young boy selected to be sacrificed to an Earth Godess


The original film´s name is "Las brujas de Zugarramundi"


Wow that was freaking amazing I love the look of the Earth Godess and how she vored the boy thanks for posting the scene I really hope that members here are going to create allot of stories and artworks of her and by the way I just watched the climaxe scene of the movie and there is another vore scene with the Earth Godess


Too bad it was a Fat female, otherwise it'd been perfect!

Yeah when that girl jumped on the car like some superpowered thing I thought she was going to do it...