Soft human vore, M/f. Warning!!! CRUEL DIGESTION! Scat. In this clip the young human girl is being swallowed and digested alive right before your eyes.


As far as film and animation goes this is epic.

By the way, is there any way to download it?

Thanks for adding a download link!

Awesome video!  I love how you show from entry to exit.  Though one little quibble.  I think she'd be dead long before she starts to bleed from being digested.  In fact, I think she'd suffocate and die almost immediately upon entering his stomach.  Just imagine being completely submerged and drowning in, basically, a big tank of pure vomit.  But keep up the good work!  Let's see more like this!  Maybe make the next one look like real people and not CGI characters...

when will you be making more? Havent seen to much more of your stuff in a while Let your fanbase know :P

Breathtaking! I've never watched M/F before (i stick to the gay stuff) this was AMAZING! Please keep making more. I'm especially a fan of the full-tour digestion and scat. I kept watching the progress bar hoping it would end up in the bathroom like it did. Thanks for pulling no punches. Vore is a primal, powerful, and ultimately putrid experience. I enjoyed the journey.

holy shit, watching this actually kinda puts you off vore


then again i'm not a fan of M/F at all. Would much prefer F/M full tour

wow! I'm not one for the digestion, but the effects are freaking amazing!

" Sorry, no female preds from me!"

Thank heavens for you, Zera. <3 Wonderful video!

The digestion part make me throw up

That last part needs fart sounds, otherwise this is great.

nice i wanna see more ^_^

Wow Fantastic :)

Sorry, no female preds from me!

dammnnnn lol...that's a great video! although not a fan of M/F vore...but great video :D

Will there be a sequel? This time, F/M vore, digestion, scat..... :D