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Commissions OPEN

Permanent Linkby GrumpMonster on Wed Jan 14, 2015 10:04 pm

Yep, my commissions are open again!

I've only got three drawing commissions left to do, not counting the FE badge orders, so I've decided that I can take on more commissions.

Commission info is found HERE:

I've also added a few new discounts:
- If you want to use one of my characters in your commission, do not include the cost of my character!
- MLP styled pony characters get a slight discount. -$5 on Inked Commissions (Flat colored inks and up), -$3 on Sketch Commissions.
- "Total Trust" Discount: You give me your character and a theme, and let me come up with something for you! You will NOT see the WIPs - you will ONLY get the finished commission! (This also means that I will ONLY make MINOR changes!), -$10 on Inked Commissions, -$3 on Sketch Commissions.

NOTE: MLP Style and "Total Trust" Discounts DO NOT APPLY to Uncolored Sketches, Tinies, Conbadges or Character Bookmarks. MLP Style and "Total Trust" Discounts CAN NOT BE COMBINED ON SKETCH COMMISSIONS!

If you're interested or confused, feel free to ask me about it!

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