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N-Mario (Me) Meets Buster "Richard Nixon" the Shark

Permanent Linkby N-Mario on Wed May 13, 2015 9:47 pm

This is just a short little comic text script I wrote today.
The shark's name (who wears the Richard Nixon mask) is Buster from that one episode of the cartoon Johnny Bravo. The name is not used in the episode, but it appears to be the name for him according to the episode script.

N-Mario (Me) Meets Buster the Shark -
- Written by N-Mario (Real name can be provided in script, if necessary)
*Camera starts off focusing at the sky, from the sun. Camera pans down to me, at the beach*

N-Mario currently lying down at the beach on a chair. Resting comfortably with hands behind head, wearing dark sunglasses, facing towards the sky*

*Camera starts to pan toward the ocean, when a shark named Buster jumps out, then walks towards N-Mario*

Buster: "Hey there pal. You wanna go for a swim?" *While looking all sneaky, evil like. The camera starts looking in front of Busters face, then cuts to side view of N-Mario.*

*N-Mario Looks closely. Then tips down shades with his finger, while looking up suspiciously. Afterwords, stands up from his beach chair while taking off his shades. Looks up, then down, and back up again. Moment later, he starts to grin, staring Buster down. Buster loses the sneaky grin face.*

N-Mario: *With a sexy toned voice* "Well, you may have fooled others, but....."

*N-Mario grabs on to the mask*

Buster: "Huh- OUW, HEY WATC---!!!"

N-Mario: *Rips off Richard Nixon mask with a loud SNAP!* "You're not gonna fool me. You're a shark, and....."

*Buster starts looking a bit confused*

N-Mario: *Starts hugging Buster with love, still using a sexy toned voice* "I just LOOOOVE sharks! Especialy you, big handsome!"

*Buster, who still has a confused face, doesn't know how to react*

Buster: "Wha- wait a minute. It's not what you think! I wasn' gonn', ae---..."

*N-Mario stops hugging Buster. Buster looks at N-Mario with a semi- sad face*

*Camera corner view of N-Mario (top left of screen) facing Buster, with Buster's back at the camera (bottom right of screen)*

N-Mario: "Don't be so modest there big fella." *Pats Buster for warm comfort* "I know what you're thinking, and I am totally up for it!"

*Camera switches corner position, with Busters face seen on camera looking at N-Mario, with N-Mario's back now on the corner. Buster starts smiling at him a moment later*

*Camera side view again*

Buster: *Tries hard to get that naughty feeling, but can't get the right face* "So..... Uuhhh..... Does this mean uhhh, you want to go for a swim with me?" *Smiles greatly, while rubbing his dorsal fin, looking away from N-Mario*

N-Mario: "Naw, naw man, I know what this is all about. You wanna trick me into eating me, don't ya?"

*Buster grins while wanting eat him, but trying to lie out of it*

Buster: *Looking worried* "Wha-, me? nawww... I just wanna swim with someone. Ya know, being friendly, maybe wantin' to have a surfin buddy, I--.."

*N-Mario interrupts Buster*

N-Mario: "Come on, you know you want to. I sense it in your feelings" *Grabs Busters mouth with both of his hands, an attempting to open up his maw.* "Now open up and lets have a peek inside."

*Buster looks at camera away from N-Mario, and sighs. Then quickly pushes away from N-Mario*

Buster: "Oh alright fine!" *Crosses arms in a frowning mood* "You got me. I was gonna trick you into eating you while swimming out to sea. But it seems you want to be eaten. So what's the point?'" *Now with a ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ look on his face* "Heh, can't blame a guy for tryin'."

*Camera close on N-Mario on screen, Buster currently off screen*

N-Mario: *Tries to cheer up Buster* "It's okay. I understand. You're a shark, after all. Not only were you trying to get a meal..."

*Camera slowly zooms out to get Buster on screen*

N-Mario: *Starts hugging Buster again with love, while looking up at Buster* "You're getting a new friend... to be there as meal!"

Buster: *Looking shy* "Well, you knooowww, heh..... ehhy what the heck." *Now starts hugging N-Mario with a huge smile*

*Moments later, they stop hugging. Camera now on Buster only, N-Mario off screen *

Buster: *Starts to hand his pectoral fin toward N-Mario* "The name's Buster.... Buster the shark...."

*Camera now on N-Mario only*

N-Mario: *Smiles* "Glad to find a shark who has a strange personality. The name's N-Mario...." *Puts on shades, with a side grin type of smile* "The human, as if that wasn't obvious." *Laughs in a soft, silly manner.* "Or you could just call me Rick....." *Giggles* "Or lunch, if that is what you prefer."

*Buster starts scratching his dorsal fin, as the camera now on both him and N-Mario, with both of his hands held on to his hip*
Buster: "So.....umm.... how are we doin' this?" *Buster, now with a confused look on his face looking away from him* "Do you still wanna go for a swim, and I try to catch you in my mouth, or just swim up into to me at the finish line, or-uhh--..."

*Camera now on N-Mario, with shades taken off, one arm crossed, the other hand (which is holding the shades) held outward to Buster in a conversational method*

N-Mario: "Why don't I just climb right on in, and get this over with? I mean, this is what you wanted, right?"

*N-Mario puts his shades down on the floor, then pats Buster with a friendly smile, as the camera slowly pans on to both*

N-Mario: "To get a free meal at the beach, and maybe friend who would care for you? This is what I would want for a shark like you. A friend who would hold me in, protect me from the depths when exploring the bottomless depths of the oceans."

*Camera on Buster only*

Buster: "Well, gee I, erm, never thought about that. When I try to catch prey, they're usually scared of me, or know that I'll eat them anyway. But I never encountered someone like you who's so willing to be swallowed alive. That's why I had the disguise as Mr. Nixon to get the right approach for my victims."

*Camera on N-Mario*

N-Mario: "Nonsense. You just need to find the right kind of bait. Or maybe perhaps a little buddy to serve you..... to be the bait, in my case." *grins softly*

*Camera on both, as they are smiling at each other. N-Mario starts rubbing Busters belly around with his hand.*

N-Mario: *Using a serious tone of voice* "Now, how about you open up there so I can feel the comfort of your soft, warm belly?"

Buster: *With a thinking face* "I suppose this is what I wanted, bu--..uh?"

*N-Mario starts opening up Buster's mouth with his hands willingly.*

*Camera is positioned with N-Mario's back towards it, with a nice front maw shot from Buster.*

N-Mario: "Ah, there we go! Hu-Up!" *N-Mario jumps in head first, and lands on Busters tongue, as Buster slowly closes his mouth with a worried look on his face.*

*Buster slowly begins to smile, licking his mouth about with his tongue*

Buster: "Mmm... Hmm..... MMMmm.....Yeah...!" *Buster smiles briefly*

N-Mario: *Hugs Busters tongue for a brief moment while smiling from inside, then continues.* "Now come on. Take me into your belly!"

Buster: "Alright! MMM... MMPH!" *Swallows with a huge Gulp. A large bulge on Busters belly is seen bouncing around for a moment as N-Mario slides down the throat* "Ahhhhhhh. That felt, good..... really, GOOD! You alright down there?"

*Camera shot inside of Buster's belly*

N-Mario: "Perfect. Just, perfect! It's so..... Warm and comfortable in here! Just as long as you don't digest me, I'll be happy to live with you!"

*Camera on Buster*

Buster: "As long as you're comfortable down there, I'm more than happy to have eaten you!" *Pats belly with his pectoral fins, then licks his mouth once more*

*N-Mario pauses, then thinks about what's next on Busters mind*

N-Mario: "So... umm.... What do you wanna do now?"

*Camera shot of Buster on the beach. Buster picks up N-Mario's shades, then wears them*

Buster: *Looking down at his belly* "How about we go for a swim out to sea, while you go explore my stomach?" *Then grins at camera happily. The shades are pulled down slightly to see Busters eyes*

N-Mario: *Laughs, while inside Buster, as Buster looks down at his belly** "Well, I can't argue there, now that I'm safe and sound inside a sharks belly. Alright, sounds great!"

Buster: "Goooood, goooood!" *Evil smile at camera during second "goooood!", while picking at his teeth with a toothpick*

*"1 Hour later" title card shown for a brief moment*

*Camera shot under the sea, with Buster swimming forward, with a belly bulge being bounced around a bit. N-Mario is not seen on screen*

Buster: "You know...... I just realized something..... You never paid me back for completely ruining my Richard Nixon mask."

*N-Mario assuming to be asleep in a comfortable position inside Buster, hands behind his head, wakes up with a surprised look on his face*



Because falling in to the mouth of your
favorite giant fish is the BEST place to
go if you want that nice, warm nap.
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