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- May 2016
I feel like writing.
   Thu May 12, 2016 8:07 am

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I feel like writing.

Permanent Linkby Frost Bite on Thu May 12, 2016 8:07 am

The question is what should I write?
I've been watching a bunch of Kagewani...but I might just write something Shin Megami Tensei related, as that's always good.
Or maybe Dresden Files, I've always wanted to do that.

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Re: I feel like writing.

Permanent Linkby hackerkyle on Thu May 12, 2016 10:48 am

I really loved your left 4 dead story. If I remember right I commented on that story and you said you had been wanted to write a resident evil story for awhile.
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Re: I feel like writing.

Permanent Linkby DoubleA2015 on Thu May 25, 2017 2:07 am

I know this is a bit late, but have you considered writing Hyperdimension Neptunia vore?
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