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My Opinion on human/humanoid preds

Permanent Linkby PonyTime on Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:38 pm

My Personal belief, more like an opinion, is humans and humanoids being predators in any vore scenario is GROSS AS HECK. Logically, i should stay away, but when I friend of mine is into it, It's concerning since he claimed to be at least moderately christian, though i do doubt his faith and pray he'll see the light someday.

In other news, the weather today is great here in Southern California, with a temperature of 64 degrees, humidity of 64%, no precipitation and low wind. Seems like a perfect sunny day to me! :D

The Current time is 11:37AM and I should be doing school! BUT I'M HOME-SCHOOLED So screw that noise! LOL

Human/humanoid preds are gross, Anthros similarly if they are too human like, end of story. Thank you all and GOOOOOOOOD MOOORRNIIIIIIIIIINNG!!!!!

Yes I am 18. LOL Also, I'm in a weird mood today! Don't know why.
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