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A whole new world of ideas.

Permanent Linkby DanzoLegend on Mon Mar 20, 2017 5:31 pm

Okay been a moment. The weekend was filled with birthday wishes, get togethers with family and a lot of ps4 testing. But with me opening commissions next week, I am going to test something. Thanks to the super best friend cast, i got a free gamefly account and mass effect Andromeda on the way, sooooooo.... Im going to try streaming it. The stream time will be Friday 24th at 8pm central. I will of course make a link for everyone here and be as silly as i normally am. I can only hope to get as many of you there as i can. The stream will be 100% blind, outside of the silly few things i know that I couldn't avoid. If this goes well i will stream sunday as well and maybe make it a weekly thing.

One day i will be a legend.
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