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Furgetting that last post~

Permanent Linkby Reiyali on Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:44 pm

You know something I always wondered.
It's really a silly question though! Just something to move away from that negative whine whine whine post.

I don't see many guys who have an actual monster boy as a sona or main OC? I mean furries are another thing but a guy who enjoys monster boys and keeps monster boy characters is pretty rare. I'd imagine that's because of there's not lots of monster boy art (and of course most guys being straight and wanna draw monster girls instead) but still, you know? I see tons of humans but not many monster boys from anyone that isn't already into guys. That's just my own experience and my own observation and it's still a pretty narrow viewpoint. Also kenomomimi count in this regard too!

Cat boys don't count. Cat boys are oversaturated. Disregard the cat boy in my avatar. >8( I actually like cat boys however! I just think that they're popularity is why you don't see many other variations?

This isn't a..."Why don't guys make what I like?!", post! lol Because everyone does their own thing, it's just something I'm musing about and to cover up that last blog.

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Re: Furgetting that last post~

Permanent Linkby Eyefull on Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:26 pm

Might be able to help with that, once my school schedule opens up and I can get some stories out~. But you have a good point. Next to cat boys, most monster boys are nagas.
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Re: Furgetting that last post~

Permanent Linkby hibbyjibby on Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:41 pm

Nothing wrong with a little side-tracking to something fun, right?

I agree that there's quite a lack of monster boys for OC's. Furries are their own category and, frankly I'm kinda glad they are, haha. I think the issue is that, if you make them too manly it detracts from the feeling most guys would get seeing a girl with a large gut. Men with a big gut, perhaps obviously, is something girls would probably enjoy more. And if you make the guy effeminate enough, then the reasoning becomes "why not just make em a cute girl?". I'm a straight guy so, if I were to design a male character I'd be more inclined to go to either opposite ends, super manly for the masculine power fantasy, or super fem because of the feminine aesthetic and general fantasy element of that.

Catboys are SO over-saturated into everything though, not even when just considering the community, like that one trap cat-boy Ferris or, whatever. It strikes me as really lazy when I see so many, like with how there are quite a few OC's in this community that are figuratively just stolen from characters in other media, but made worse to be, unique I guess? Either way, catboys = overused, be creative for once eh?

I wouldn't say I've got the best representation of a 'monster boy OC', but a friend of mine who I work quite closely with (might be obvious, ehaha) has drawn an OC of mine numerous times, and he's yet to have his monster form be drawn and shown. I guess it'd -technically- count as a monster boy, even if he'd visually lean far more towards 'monster' than 'cute'. I'll leave the cute aspects to their actions. More fun to see a cosmic horror like Cthulu doing something like, crocheting for kids, haha. I usually don't like writing stories without pictures, partly out of fear that my writing will be seen for the weak sham that it is, but if you want something written for something like this, I'm more than willing to oblige and write something standalone involving him.

"Stop liking what I don't like!" would have also worked for a self-deprecating joke. Anyway, you're points aren't necessarily wrong, and hopefully my own take on the matter assists in make some things we see seem more, reasoned.
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