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CLOSED for Stream Commissions 07-17-2017!

Permanent Linkby Glitchworks on Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:28 am


Like what we've been posting? Want a Glitchworks commission of your own?

You're in luck!

We are opening for in-stream commissions for our Monday stream block, running from 5:00pm to 9:00pm, CST, on Monday, July 17th. After the stream, we will be returning offline to resume work on backlog and standing order commission pieces.

Since it is a shorter stream, we are only opening for TWO slots!

One slot does not equal one commission. At Glitchworks, a "slot" is a unit of size, a measurement of how much time is put into a piece. This does not diminish the quality, but it accounts for how much time is used to complete a piece. The more slots it takes to finish a piece, the larger the commission and the longer time it takes until completion. We measure our days in these slots, so we can organize our workload according to a typical 8-hour work day!

Slot sizes are as follows:

Sketches, Icons, Headshots, and Telegram stickers = 0.5 slots, +0.5 additional slots per character
Lineart, Greyscale, and Simple-toned = 1 slot, +1 additional slot per character
Flat colors = 2 slots, +1 additional slot per character
Full render = 3 slots, +2 additional slots per character

Since it is a two-slot stream, we will only be accepting two slots' worth of work! If we cannot fit your piece into this Monday's stream, worry not! We stream 2 slots on Mondays, 4 Slots on Fridays, and 5 slots on Saturdays, and we can absolutely queue you up for an upcoming stream!

If you're curious about our scheduling, check out Our Weekly Schedule

Ready to commission?

We take commission details right here on Eka's through the PM system, OR, if you're feeling really fancy, you can submit a response through our Glitchworks Art Order Form! Either way works just as well, but we do get e-mail notifications as soon as a response is recorded on the Google form! We will respond to all inquiries the best that we can, and inform applicants if they have made it into the stream queue, or if they would like to be placed in line for another upcoming stream.

For our prices and examples, please view Glitchworks Commission Catalog.
For what we will and won't take for commissions, please view Glitchworks Content Restrictions
For our Guidelines and Terms of Service, please view Glitchworks Guidelines and Terms of Service

If you'd like to see a week-by-week breakdown of our queue, check out our Trello.

We look forward to seeing new commissions!

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