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- March 2018
Vore Commissions OPEN
   Sat Mar 31, 2018 6:10 pm

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Commissions are Open!

Permanent Linkby Nummynumz on Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:25 pm

If you have been accepted, send me an email to tartiitastic[at]

You MAY submit more than one idea. All I ask is you please clarify if you can afford multiple, or just one.

Tartiidrake is officially retired. Requests involving her are immediately denied.

Keep in mind this is not first come, first served.

Commissions that do not require work in progress's have a higher chance of being chosen. Also please do not ask me to hold off on posting your commission/keep it private ect. Your name can be private, the art may not.

What I like to draw!
♥ Throat Bulges
♥ Pokemon
♥ Disney
♥ The Lion King
♥ Head first
♥ Tail slurping
♥ Things with my characters!
♥ STUFF WITH DAKOTA. I really wana draw this more!!!
♥ Light amounts of saliva
♥ Willing vore
♥ Fanart
♥ Hypnosisssss

What I DON'T like to draw!
♥ Machines
♥ Weapons/Vehicles
♥ Buff/Muscle
♥ Gore/guro
♥ GROSS stuff
♥ Too many mawshots. You can only draw a mawshot so many times. :c

Please be sure to read my T.O.S if you haven't already. And remember, no adult material! Payment is upfront via paypal, as usual!

Comic commissions are something I will try to do and accept, but please bare in mind they may take longer as I can not stress my hand much still.

Please do not note me/email me unless you feel the need to remain anonymous! You must state you want to be anon, otherwise your inquiry is deleted. Sorry!

I will keep commissions open for awhile to give people a chance to put in their form. Then, I will close and start accepting people. Please do not try to beg for a commission slot. I appreciate people really want one, but please don't guilt trip me.

Vore icons: $50 (anything not a mawshot)
Mawshot Icons: $70

Mawshot: $100
Small character in Maw, Headshot of Predator: $160 Example
Character in belly: $200
Extra character: 65 each

Fullbod of Pred, cutaway of Prey in belly/throat: $220 Example

+$10 charge for every pair of full size wings.

1 Fullbody character: $80, $50 for an additional character. +$15 for any pair of wings.

- $60 for a halfbody character, + +$40 for an additional half body character, +$15 any pair of wings

- $50 for a headshot of a character with maw detail/ect., or just $35 without much detail.

To add color:
+$40 for inks and flats
+$60-70 to get inks, flats and full shading. Price depends on image complexity.

Comic Commissions
Comics: Done in a colored sketch style. Implied backgrounds included.
Each panel is $60-70, minimum of 4 panels per page. I'll be veeeery picky about who I pick for comic commissions! This has just been requested so often, I'm willing to give it a shot.

- No Pornography! Everything is SFW (adult references are fine for me to work with. I just wont draw it.)
- You MUST fill out the commission form in the comments. Asking just for a slot won't work.
- Do NOT note or email me your commission form!
- If you want to be an anonymous commissioner you may email me. Or if you want your commission to be private. BUT you MUST state that you want it to be private or that you wish to remain anon, otherwise the email will be deleted! I will not refrain from posting art though. Your name can be private, the art will not.
- I cannot quote everyone. The price list is above, please make sure you try to figure out the cost. If you are unsure if its accurate, then you can ask me and I'll help.
- Payment must be upfront via paypal.
- This isn't first come first served, just fill out the form to give me an idea what your commission will be!
- I cannot bounce ideas back and forth with you I'm afraid, time is not on my side. :c
- There is now an added charge of $5 for high amounts of saliva.

** If you would like to throw an idea my way that I have not done before, such as same size vore, I ask that we do it as a sketch first! So the first cost will be for a sketch. Then, if we both like it, we can upgrade it. c: **

Number of characters:
Commission Type:
Ref(s): (must be a clear visual ref of some kind)
If you are getting a sketch, do you want the color upgrade?: (if so, inks and flats? Or full shading?)
Saliva level?: (If applicable. High amount of saliva? Medium? Low?)

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Re: Commissions are Open!

Permanent Linkby JacktheDragon on Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:33 pm

Ok then
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Re: Commissions are Open!

Permanent Linkby KattFox on Sat Aug 12, 2017 8:11 pm

Pm me plz I want one
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