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Permanent Linkby kfahchan on Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:19 pm

So I read Zawa's newest work. Absolutey fantastic. I've always been fond of same-size lamia preds. They're one of the few same size preds I find appealing. But, this placed such a work in my top favourites for the first time. Just like Fuyuno Mikan's latest unbirth comics did for that fetish. I hope more along these lines are released soon. I may even translate Zawa's work. Maybe Fuyuno Mikan's while I'm at it. I actually did half of that one the day it came out but I got lazy and didn't finish it. There's no way I'm going to typset or do cleaning on a manga though so maybe there's no point?

I haven't been able to purchase these works. I really want to support these artists but I don't know how to buy things anonymously. Also, with no digital release for Pyua Nomi I can't purchase it at all. It makes me ashamed. I really do want to support these artists but I live in a restrictive country where I cannot buy pornographic works. If anyone has experience making anonymous purchases on japanese sites like DMM or DLSite or know of other good faith methods of supporting Japanese artists like these I'd love to hear about it.

Edit: Well, looks like as a result of the gatcha style DOA game play asia will soon be selling DMM gift cards at least. I just wish there was an easy way to get a Japanese credit card but that's hard to get even if you live in Japan... so I'll have to pay a 10% premium for everything. Better than nothing, though.
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