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Happy Valentine Day !

Permanent Linkby Oligan on Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:39 pm

Like the title say, I wish you a Happy Valentine day ! ^^

For this special day, I wanted to ask for you all: Who is your Waifu or Husbando you'll pass this day with ?
Mine is her: Her name his Eko and I really love her ! <3


Isn't she so cute ? She's the most adorable loli I've met ! She was also my main inspiration when I created Louka, so if you love him, you'll maybe like her as well ! ^^

Anyway, have a nice day ! :D

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Re: Happy Valentine Day !

Permanent Linkby SaoYuuki on Wed Feb 14, 2018 1:05 am

Eko-chan is adorable~
I dun have one, but Yuuki has Louka~
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Re: Happy Valentine Day !

Permanent Linkby Duskthewolfcub on Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:13 pm

I don’t have a husbando or waifu but as long as people are happy and bellies have been filled ami right?
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