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Poll Closed! Results in Post:

Permanent Linkby dragonjerky on Mon Mar 12, 2018 11:46 pm

Er... I mean the poll is done.

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch! (Plant/F)
(Inspired by Hereforvore's suggestion)

One of Vore-Tan's classmates discovers she should've paid more attention in Post-Cataclysm Botany to become a successful scavenger. If she'd known the odd fruit hanging from that vine was the lure of a mutant carnivorous plant, she wouldn't be submerged in digestive enzymes right now.

Work will commence shortly.

Thank you Hereforvore for that suggestion. Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions!

As I've said during the suggestion phase, I really loved many of your suggestions! Expect to see some of them come to fruition even if they didn't get much love in the poll!

Check out my gallery!*
*Warning: Check gallery description so you don't view content you don't like!
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Re: Poll Closed! Results in Post:

Permanent Linkby Hereforvore on Tue Mar 13, 2018 8:40 am

Nice! :)
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Re: Poll Closed! Results in Post:

Permanent Linkby Eater99 on Tue Mar 13, 2018 10:34 am

Looking forward to it!
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