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NEW COMPUTER! plus life updates

Permanent Linkby voraciouspanda on Tue May 15, 2018 11:46 pm

Hey everyone!! Sooo I FINALLY got my new computer, and it works beautifully. Sorry I've been inactive the past few days. I actually GRADUATED COLLEGE on Sunday, and from Friday to this evening, I have been busy with ceremonies and celebrations and visiting with out of town family. Things SHOULD get more regular again by tomorrow.

I do have a question though if any of you might be able to help! So, I have downloaded all my programs and updated them on the new computer. I have the newest photoshop which is great, and I have both streamlabs and OBS for livestreaming my art. Only thing is, neither program will let me capture the child-window that is my photoshop canvas. It only shows the PS interface, and my canvas is a black square. It will only show my canvas/painting if I turn OFF the graphics processor in the photoshop settings! This isn't absolutely detrimental to my art, but it DOES mean that there are a few features that I am unable to use while that is turned off. I REALLY wanna be able to stream my work for you guys, but I also don't want to have to lose some of the important features of photoshop that will allow me to make the best art I can make! Does anyone know what might be a solution to this problem? Thanks!


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