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So whens the next chapter?

Permanent Linkby tgawsome on Thu Sep 13, 2018 7:21 pm

Hello all!

So when will the next update be out you ask? Well young one have a seat this will take a bit to explain. Now I'm about to hit you with a wall of text if this is too much to read I'm sorry just scroll down to the bold bit.

I'll start with the writing process. As you have seen I tend to write.... Lengthy stories. I believe the last one was about forty four pages of text (Sixty-six pages at 18 point font and added pics). As you can image this takes a good chunk of time so I general on a day off sit down for about four hours and write the first draft. This will usually be at about thirty five pages a good start. Then I set it aside and don't look at for a day. After the cool off period, I sit down and re-read what I have and usually add an additional fifteen pages usually digestion and vore stuff (about two hours of work). Then I set it aside again and move on to acquiring screen shots.

I will usually set aside a day for this as its a bit tedious sometimes but often times it falls right into place. I use the witting I have as a script but will often try different poses just to see what I can do. Often I find more inspiration while doing this that completely changes the script I have. This is how Jules came to be in the story as I was looking for a spot to pose when his random encounter triggered. Of course I had to add my own twist to it as Bethesda didn't give Jules much in the game save a few lines thanking you afterwards. No quest. No companion. Nothing. A wasted opportunity. So I made Jules a companion :). Now we move on to the re-write.

I will add the pics I took to the story and usually re-work the text around it to describe whats going on in the pic. This can take about three to four hours depending on how much I have to change. Then I move on to the hardest part. Proofreading.... Now it has been brought to my attention that I am making spelling errors, nothing that makes it unreadable, but it is noticeable even to me when I revisit my old stories. I appreciate the criticism... No really I do. I can't fix a mistake if I don't know it's there. So I am going to try to correct this with a more thorough re-reading perhaps proofreading then setting it aside for a day then proofreading again. All of this of course will take time, and as you can see this is already a long process.

Then there is the ever present specter of Burnout I do enjoy writing this. No really. this is a project that has been rattling in my head for some time and to finally put pen to paper is exhilarating. However, I do have my limits and if I push myself too hard I start to lose interest. So I take breaks usually a couple days after a release. No writing. No screen pics. No researching fallout lore. just doing other stuff. I have been using this down time to flesh out the setting, lore, and background for Chista and other soon to be introduced characters. So you will probably see some none vore works in the future.
Now I won't stop posting vore stuff.... It just won't be the seventy page epic like I usually post. It will probably be some screen shots and short stories. I have been outlining a multivore short story. Been getting a lot of asks for multivore with Chista so i'm gonna indulge that a bit.

So in the next few days, expect some more screen pics as well as lore updates. I'm working on the short story in spurts so... maybe next Wednesday to get it uploaded. I should have chapter seven up Sunday or Monday. Now this is a very tentative schedule for four reasons. 1. life. this is just a hobby for me so writing takes a backseat to a lot of things like: being with friends, family, seeing the new venom movie ect. 2. weather. I now live along the Gulf Coast and its hurricane season. I don't think I need to explain that too much. 3. Work. Unless someone out there is gonna pay me to do this work will always take precedent over this. I don't think I need to explain this one ether. Now we come to last hurdle on the long trip to chapter seven. 4.The game itself. Bethesda recently updated the Creation Club which means most of my mods don't work now. I am currently updating them and should be back at 100% operation soon, but I still need to test to see if everything still works. If not... Then I have to fix it or uninstall what ever isn't working. This is bad for the saved files usually corrupting them, which means a new character has to be made. This isn't too much of a problem, but it does take time which considering how long the process already is.... you get the idea.

I will upload the Multivore story to this sight but I'm not sure about the non vore stuff. I will probably just upload that to my deviant art account.

So expect some updates soon. I haven't given up it just takes time.

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Re: So whens the next chapter?

Permanent Linkby AColdDayInHell on Thu Sep 13, 2018 8:33 pm

With the mod situation: I do this with skyrim so I'm not sure it'll work but if you take your Fallout 4's executable file (the one you would normally double click to start vanilla fallout, found in the Fallout 4 folder) and replace it with an older version, you can keep it so all your mods work.
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Re: So whens the next chapter?

Permanent Linkby tgawsome on Thu Sep 13, 2018 8:44 pm

Thanks for the tip! Its all updated now though I’ll remember this fior next time.
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Been posting for a bit
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Location: a cubicle. Wait are you telling me there stuff outside of the cubicle.
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