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Funhouse Continued, Commissions Closed, The Future

Permanent Linkby drawnout18 on Thu Oct 11, 2018 8:54 pm

Heyo! Thanks for being a follower, wether old or new, and enjoying my bizarre brand of vore and gay comics. I've been having so much fun!

I'm done the first 13 pages of the Funhouse of Horror, which began with this Clown Chaos room. There is many more rooms to go through, which will have other characters, monsters, vore, and gay stuff in them, so make sure to follow me here or elsewhere to see much more! Furaffinity and Aryion are the only places I can upload them without them being censored or removed, so these two sites are where I may push people to for the rest of the comic.

I have taken all the commissions I can for now. I will post again once they are open, and have new price options.

My Patreon is doing fantastically since I began posting more regularly, and posting everywhere, even on Discord channels, so I will continue this into the future! if you want to support me. I have a Patreon Exclusive comic called Kid Quicksand, about an adventure themed hero who has quicksand powers in his hands. It's pretty awesome.

As you may have seen, I have a book called The Voremalump, which is a vore rhyming parody of Dr. Seuss books I enjoyed as a kid when I was younger. You can find that and more new books and 18+ bonus comics on my store at These are things I don't share publicly, and they all go to supporting me being a full time comic artist, as well as other projects like The Costume Shop LIVE which we will be performing for the second time next summer!

Because the world needs more Kingdom Hearts vore.
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