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- November 2018
Another Pokémon code giveaway
   Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:40 am

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Another Pokémon code giveaway

Permanent Linkby Underside on Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:40 am

Well the old batch is expired and I have some of the new Zekrom/Reshiram codes, so I'm doing another giveaway.
Hopefully these will be a bit more popular than the last batch.

These codes are for unlocking a Legendary Zekrom/Reshiram in Pokémon (Ultra) Sun/Moon. Which one you unlock depends on which game you have.
It's a 16 character code consisting of numbers and capital letters. These expire January 28th 2019. These codes are one time use, etc...

Here's a few codes to get you started:
example code.jpg

I have plenty of these cards so don't be shy about asking for more if those run out...

Lots of codes available.jpg
Seriously, I have a lot of these...

All the instructions and fine print are on the scans of the cards, if you care to read them.
Zekrom,Reshiram code cards.png

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