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Patreon campaign pausing. etc

Permanent Linkby OmaeWaMoShindeiru on Thu Nov 08, 2018 12:33 pm

cross-post from patreon:
Day 5/6 of my steroids and my thumb isn't feeling better, so I'm pausing my campaign. (also going to be having more delays on commission-work, so i apologise for that as well)

You will not be charged again until Jan 1st, 2019! I do hope that you will choose to stick with me until my hand is feeling better and I'm sorry that it hasn't healed faster.

I'm making an appointment with an orthepaedist to try to get a handle on what's going on (get it? HANDle. haha puns.)

I'm hoping to be better in December so that I can make up the owed art for this month (November) in that month instead of stressing about it now.

The pause has already taken place. I made a deal with my boyfriend and my parents to get some help with my bills for this month and next month, provided I do my best to not use my hand at all so it can recover fully. Thank you for being so supportive.

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Re: Patreon campaign pausing. etc

Permanent Linkby Dekkard2 on Sat Nov 10, 2018 1:40 pm

Damn, sorry to hear this. I wish you a speedy recovery.
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