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Yiffpunk is finally out

Permanent Linkby helenarlet on Tue Jun 11, 2019 7:38 pm

All those Yiffpunk stories I had been posting were leading up to something. I said they were. And it's finally here. The full Yiffpunk novel is now available.

I've got a kindle edition up for sale on Amazon ... tkin_p1_i0

Or if you don't like to use them, the Deluxe Edition (which includes the free stories that had been posted here in addition to the rest of the novel) is available in most other ebook formats on Smashwords

The Deluxe Edition will hopefully becoming to Amazon too in a day or so. Providing they don't block that edition for being too kinky...

Now that I have finally gotten that done, the next step is to get a paperback edition out. Which I'll be working on soon. I want to make sure Amazon doesn't block the Deluxe Edition first. But now I can start working on other projects. Like getting Miss Nolly's Class and other books onto Smashwords as some of you have already requested. And I need to jump onto finishing up the next Snow Bunny book and getting the sequel to Yiffpunk rolling. Lot's of work to do...

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