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- October 2019
The Sweaty Musky Derg is Back on Twitch...
   Thu Oct 17, 2019 5:51 am

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I'M HOME!! Disabled My Twitch and Moved To Mixer!

Permanent Linkby APoetOfTheFall on Wed Aug 21, 2019 9:13 am

God that puppy sitting was a nightmare, didn't get all that much done BUT I'm making up for time lost pretty well already, so expect some updates and some WIPS going up tonight on My Patreon!

SO, decided to jump outta Twitch, hated the clear bias for thots on the platform and jumped over to Mixer. Not sure if mixer will fare any better considering its TOS is as bad as Twitches buuuuut hopefully they'll doll out the rules to both sex's and not just the guys.

Will be streaming tonight! May play some Shadow Of The Colossus or Bloodstained or myabe something else entirely!

Here's muh Mixer and go give me a follow!:

OH! and if anything happens to my mixer (Maybe eat couple of viewers on air, does that break TOS?) Here my youtube! ... Jd8-et520g ... Jd8-et520g ... Jd8-et520g

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