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My Deviantart Account
   Sat Feb 09, 2019 2:20 am

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My Deviantart Account

Permanent Linkby Nobodyman on Sat Feb 09, 2019 2:20 am

So I guess it's a bit late to be saying this, but better late than never. As a result of the purge that happened a few months back, a few chapters from a few of my stories were taken down due to their underage content. I was hoping Eka's would get a new server provider soon and they would be uploaded again quickly, but it seems that still hasn't happened. So if any of you wish to go back and re-read my stories (or read them for the first time) in their entirety, you can find them posted on my Deviantart, which is right here.

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Re: My Deviantart Account

Permanent Linkby Alice3hoping on Tue Feb 12, 2019 1:30 pm

A shame really. Your stories are extremely good. Still I hope these will be preserved so we can continue to enjoy them.
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