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What's been happening?
   Sun Oct 13, 2019 6:38 am

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What's been happening?

Permanent Linkby AwokenedWispKP on Sun Oct 13, 2019 6:38 am

So.. for the few people who aren't aware; I've been, and currently still am swamped with a ton of crap irl which leaves me in a constant state where I'm both struggling to find the time to.. and be in the mood for drawing. I believe I've been stuck on a single commission for several months now and it just really doesn't feel good to see a partially finished thing sitting on my desktop and staring me in the face.. again.

What this means is that TRPG is of course.. still on hiatus, especially since I have to re-write the current page as it ended up being waaaay too RNG based and felt a bit random.. and re-writing something is honestly not fun. I'm aware that I can do these without pictures and that would probably make some people happy to see it going again, but I'm currently prioritising commissions when I get them.. and that takes up time as it is.

Now, what am I doing about all this? Well.. unfortunately not a whole lot. I've been using games to help take my mind off what's been going...

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Short term goal achieved

Permanent Linkby AwokenedWispKP on Sun Nov 18, 2018 10:52 pm

It's taken me about 7-ish months, but I've finally achieved my short term goal of earning 425$ using the tablet I bought on Christmas to literally pay for it self. Seeing as I started taking Commissions at the beginning of May, considering the end of March and all of April was lost to a natural disaster. So I can finally knock that off my bucket list of things to do that I listed way back, here: blog/AwokenedWispKP/long_term_plans_and_whatnot_b-38193.html

Now, for my long term goals, let's start with my ARPG-esk styled interactive that still hasn't fully started. A long story short, the demo got delayed for 3 months due to my bad writing and so the actual interactive itself was delayed long enough that I ended up creating a character for it instead of having people generate her appearance and figure (and even gender). But apparently she's cute so......

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Small update

Permanent Linkby AwokenedWispKP on Wed Aug 01, 2018 12:45 am

I had planned to do another blog once I'd hit my short term goal of earning $425 to have my tablet literally pay for itself, which I'm 116 AUD away from reaching solely through Coms on Eka's at the point of typing this... but it's honestly entirely dependant on people wanting to com me and my ability to actually finish them. Which while I believe June was a pretty nice month, it seems like interest and the general novelty has mostly just hit a complete stop with perhaps a few people looking to com me but having to cancel for various reasons. Which isn't anything to get upset about I guess, one's personal life should generally come first.

As for the long term deal of doing weekly pictures, I'm happy that it's managed to get a lot of new people to watch me.. at least 30 so far! Sorry for not thanking those people for the watch, but I personally have a policy against individual thanks for clicking a button to show appreciation. If I did, Then I'd probably have to thank over 100 people for...

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So.. Marcus really delayed things. (Poll attached)

Permanent Linkby AwokenedWispKP on Sun May 06, 2018 12:31 pm

For anyone who wasn't aware, Australia.. the place I live.. was hit by a Cyclone named Marcus around the end of March.. a few days before my birthday.. and absolutely ruined and delayed any plan I had.

Now it's a week into May, and things have kinda "just" resumed normalcy. Looking back.. I said I'd try to get something drawn every week as one of my long term plans, if I'd kept it up without Marcus.. I'd probably already be on the next step. So.. If you dis-include anything paid for that I've done since the last week of March, I've got around 4-5 missed weekly pictures.

About those 4-5 pictures.. I.. CAN skip them so I don't exhaust myself, especially considering how much work all that would be to get done all at once. Or, I can produce them as rough or clean sketches (not linework) to get the number out.. or.. try a YCH thing without the exposure or artistic experience and hope that works out.

For now they're on hold as I'll try to resume weekly draws,...

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Long term plans and whatnot

Permanent Linkby AwokenedWispKP on Sat Mar 10, 2018 8:00 am

I'd say my biggest issue right now is my low stamina and.. varied quality in pictures,
My goal to solve that is by drawing.. and hopefully posting at least one picture of my own per week. This does not include any Commissions I accept, which I will.. hopefully try to do within the week I get them if I don't have any issues on my end. (Unfortunately I will have many..)

The next thing to address would be future projects, which to put simply.. I wish to start up a kind of.. interactive.. similar to Rayen's ARPG as well as do up little character backstories with illustrated pictures at different points done up in a similar manner (Although they won't be interactive, just little short stories). I likely won't start these any time soon as there's a lot of effort required for it, and I'd probably prefer to have some kind of income based on the workload I'd be doing. So.. to see if people would be interested in something like that I'd have to set up an example, probably a few pages long.. and...

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