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SSVE list

Permanent Linkby BelleJar on Sat Dec 02, 2017 2:14 am

I've never done this sort of thing before but here's the "wishlist" for whoever gets me. i tried to be as broad as possible and of course not everything is absolutely necessary. i'm really not into any fandoms but that doesn't mean that characters can't be used as long as they're adult.

soft vore
Thicc + chubby likeable pred
friendly vore
human shaped pred and prey
short chubby female prey
same size
object swallowing
pleasurable digestion (can be implied)
reformation (can be implied)
disposal (can be implied)
cats (NOT AS FOOD)
foodplay and stuffing
characters are between 18 and 45

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Truth or Dare

Permanent Linkby BelleJar on Tue Jun 07, 2016 3:29 am

And here's a third one. It's pretty long ×_× I'm not really sure if i even like it though. Had to go back and change the end because i felt bad about it. Anyway this is probably my last for a while unless inspiration hits or my mood changes.
Or should i just quit? Lost cause anyone?

Alice glared up at Jane, “Reverse this spell immediately!”
Jane smirked, “Your dare was only to do the spell, not to undo it. Besides, i can't. It took a lot of energy to change the mass of all of you.”
Alice released an aggravated scream, “AAARGH!” After taking several deep breaths she recovered enough to speak coherently, “Fine. Then at least put us somewhere safe until you can do it.”
Jane shrugged and went to her closet. She rummaged around a bit before pulling out an old fishbowl. She gathered up the girls and set them in carefully. “Alright. Now that that's done lets finish our game. The only person who hasn't beem asked is Emily. So,” she grinned looking at the only other girl who still ...

[ Continued ]

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Eat Me, I'm Tasty

Permanent Linkby BelleJar on Mon Jun 06, 2016 12:11 am

More attempts at literature ×_× not a fan of how it ends but meh what do you expect?

Ana waved her bare feet at Sally, wiggling her brightly pedicured toes in her face. “You hungry, hon?”
Sally grinned and gave the offered toes a gentle nibble, “Hmm a little. What did you have in mind?”
Ana grinned and stood, “Hmm... How” she winked and began to slowly strip out of her clothing, showing off her tanned and toned body. Soon she was completely nude except for the various pieces of jewelery that adorned her young body. Her medium sized breasts jiggled high on her chest as she bounced on her toes eagerly. What appeared to be a diamond ring glittered from her left nipple. She ran her hands down her body, flicking at the small blue stone that dangled from her navel. “ i look...yummyy?”
Sally licked her lips as she took in the view. “Mm absolutely delicious. But how would you like to go down?”
Ana sat on the couch and thought about this, placing her chin in her hands...

[ Continued ]

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uhm: or Waterfall

Permanent Linkby BelleJar on Sun Jun 05, 2016 1:14 am

Right. So idk if anyone really reads these but I decided to do a thing where i try to write out one vore scene a day in order to get myself used to actually writing about it and using these characters.
Here's the first one, a very short scene involving my witch Jenna dealing with a male client. I think it's kinda meh.
Apologies for typos and general blah-ness, cliches, and possible over used scenarios, phrases, or words.

Jenna calmly walked to the sink and filled a large pitcher half full with water then returned to the table and sat it down next to him. “So you're sure this is what you want?”
Calvin nodded eagerly, “Yes! Do it please!” his eyes were wide as he looked up at her.
She shrugged and picked him up carefully. He was paying for his time with her so it was whatever he wanted. She gave him a slow lick from foot to head and chuckled to herself, before lowering him into the cold water. He dove under, getting himself thouroughly wet before popping up and grinning, gave a ...

[ Continued ]
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