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And So the Annoyances of Winter Begin

Permanent Linkby Chameleonette on Wed Dec 04, 2013 11:46 pm

Snowed in already.

I'm going to be at least 3 hours late for work tomorrow and I'm probably bound to get a call bitching in the morning. But the street is literally impassable. I've got no choice but to wait for a plow to come, and it doesn't come here until 9:30AM at the very earliest. As it is, I had to force one of the doors open just a few minutes ago to be able to let the dog out.

I hate winter. I hate snow. UGH.

Also, in vore-related news, I've got some more stuff on the way. I have a really crappy vore sketch I might just omit altogether, though. It was just an excuse to practice feet, really.

And I think I really am going to give up on posting around the forums much. I feel pretty much unwelcome/ignored in most threads, including the M/F one a lot of the time, and I don't know why I was fighting it to begin with. I might as well let it go and just take part in the threads that I start, myself. No point in being anywhere else. I feel like people really don't want me around.

If you want to see the other art I've been doing lately, feel free to check my tumblr. I linked it in a previous blog. And... yeah, that's all. Snow sucks. Pretty much everything sucks lately. Bleh.

Passionate advocate of M/F vore.

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