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Commissions are now [FILLED and CLOSED]!

Permanent Linkby Chameleonette on Fri Dec 07, 2018 11:34 am

Please have a good read of my commissions tab here on Eka's before requesting a slot: ... meleonette

And please note that prices have changed a little!

I will be taking 3 slots (on top of the 2 that are already reserved). In addition to that, there are 3 reserve slots available for next round (likely to be after the holidays).

You CAN request a slot without having your info and commission ready immediately, but If you do take a direct slot, I would like to have your commission info within 3 days of taking the slot!

These are not quite emergency commissions (as I can handle my initial payment for a payment plan this month to the hospital), but that's largely in thanks to Dodoman, who has been an immense help when I really needed it. (I really appreciate the support, thank you!) But I do have a hefty bill and I will be doing everything I can to make the money via commissions in the following months.

Current Commissions List:

1. Draconatedz
2. theweirdone445
3. Superirondude28 [FINISHED]
4. Thor
5. SomethingWicked
(Reserved for next round opening after the holidays:)
1. October
2. ThunderKing
3. Knot E Coyote/Shaldure Starcloak

Thank you for your time~ All commission inquiries can be sent through Eka's PMs, E-mail (in my commission info), or you may contact me on Discord in DMs on Harmony Rose#3920.

EDIT: All slots and reserves are FILLED! Next opening (after the holidays) will have a few more slots available~! Thank you for the support, everyone! I'll be working hard~
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Passionate advocate of M/F vore.

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