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- November 2017
Sketch Commissions OPEN!
   Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:08 am

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Sketch Commissions OPEN!

Permanent Linkby Chameleonette on Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:08 am

Hey, guys! Just announcing that my sketch commissions are officially open!

I'm only taking three slots for now. This is a trial of sketch-only commissions, so I'm not going to take a ton to start.

You can check my commissions tab here on Eka's for details!

I'll spare you all the sob story and just mention that I'm doing these largely in part because I may very well need medical care for a potential heart problem in the near future (when I get the courage and the money to see a doctor about the complications), and I'm uninsured.

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Sketch Commissons Possibly Upcoming

Permanent Linkby Chameleonette on Fri Aug 11, 2017 4:41 pm

I have some revamp work to do on pricing and due to my computer problems for the last year and a half and inability to use Photoshop or my tablet, I unfortunately can't do digital/color commissions anymore, but...

I can still do hand-drawn sketch commissions. And given my recent situation, I may very well need to. I struggled through a medical ordeal since April of this year and as things turned out, it wasn't nearly as bad as I originally thought on the diagnosis. However... the doctor visit and all the tests done to determine what the issue was floored me with the amount they cost. The clinic/hospital I went to has recently become a for-profit organization, and have jacked up all the costs of treatment and visits. I paid for the visit alone, 3 times what I paid back in 2013. And that was for only consultation and not being prescribed anything. The testing/blood tests bill that I just received about a week ago, however, was far, far worse.

So, despite only being...

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Permanent Linkby Chameleonette on Thu Aug 04, 2016 6:51 pm

My weekly Mario Kart 8 Monday Madness Livestream with live commentary goes live in about 10 minutes!

My channel is here:

Reminder: Please do not discuss or even mention vore in my chat! I'm extending this as an invitation to people in general and the majority that come to my streams DO NOT have anything to do with vore nor know that I do (and I sure as heck don't want them to). I'd appreciate it if you please don't bring this up in my chat! Thanks for your understanding!

Additional warning: I swear while playing Mario Kart. A lot. If cussing bothers you, you may not enjoy my streams. Hahaha.

Hope to see you there. : ) If you come in chat, feel free to tell me who you are, but just don't mention this site/anything to do with vore! And if you'd like to join in/race, please send me a PM with your NNID (or post it here if you...

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Livestreaming Splatoon at 7PM EST!

Permanent Linkby Chameleonette on Tue Aug 02, 2016 5:33 pm

Hey folks!

I haven't put up one of these notices in a long time, but someone asked me via PM if I streamed gaming anymore and I do (quite regularly), so I'll throw a link up here in case anyone wants to stop by and watch! (Or play, if you have a NNID and want to join in! Just PM me about it.)

I'll be streaming Splatoon tonight (one of my favorites to stream) and a friend or two of mine may pop in to join my games, but it'll just be me on voice tonight instead of a Skype call.

Here's the link if anyone wants to come by:

Thanks and I hope to see you there! : ) Feel free to chat! I love interacting with the viewers.

Note: Please do not talk about vore or discuss it in the chat! I have a number of young viewers and viewers who are definitely not part of this fetish, so be courteous about this please and don't...

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Sketch Commissions?

Permanent Linkby Chameleonette on Sun Jul 24, 2016 7:37 pm

So, I'm in a nasty situation of not being able to use Photoshop on my computer, no matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall. I've tried some free programs, but the layer systems are ridiculous and unmanageable.

I've been asked a few times if and when I was going to open art commissions. And at the current time, I can't do anything digital---that includes coloring.

If I were to offer JUST sketch commissions, is that something people would be interested in?

I can't really do much with this old computer and I'm going to need to make money to buy a new one. This one still works, but now with my digital art roadblocked, that puts a damper on what I can do with art. And I honestly don't know how much longer I can expect a 10-year-old machine to run.

Thus I'm considering opening commissions up just for sketches, if people might like that. It's not much, but at the current time, that's about all I can do with art.

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