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Gonna close requests!
   Tue Apr 16, 2019 2:27 pm

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Gonna close requests!

Permanent Linkby ConsumptionZ on Tue Apr 16, 2019 2:27 pm

Seems like everyone got their licks in and admittedly a majority of the ideas are so splendid that I can't really just choose two. Been debating how I should approach this and realized that I'll attempt to tackle all the requests in the end. Of course story lengths are going to vary based on how much I enjoy the idea, or how much I'm familiar with the source material but I can assure ya I'll get to yours in due time!

Half the reason I've been submitting stories recently is for practice to get myself into the groove again before tackling all of your ideas. So be on the lookout for either your request being submitted, or me messaging you and asking for your contact information, definitely through Discord if possible. And in case people are curious as to what was submitted and needs to be done, plus for my own sake going to list them all here:

WeirdOne445: Sakura Kasugano (Street fighter)

DeadStrategicCactus: His OC, Kokono being eaten by Minori from Senran Kagura through transformation....

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Opening Two Request Slots for Stories!

Permanent Linkby ConsumptionZ on Tue Mar 26, 2019 1:13 pm

Hey all, just putting there here to let my followers know that I'm opening two request slots for stories. The slots won't be first come first serve, rather I'll choose two of my favorite ideas from whatever pool of ideas comes in. All the details can be found in "Commission Status" on my page, of my Wills/Won'ts along with my own preferences towards selection. Feel free to send in your ideas, using this as an opportunity for practice, and the length of said stories will depend on how invested I become with each idea that I select. Obviously I might be more biased towards one over the other.

Also since they're requests rather than commissions I don't expect to be rushed, as I do have college and work to worry about as well, so this will give me time to leisurely practice and hopefully make two of you very happy. So yeah, feel free to check the details and send in your idea(s) if you have any. Once they start coming in, I'll gauge how long I should take ideas for depending...

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