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- November 2018
So... discord channel anyone?
   Wed Nov 28, 2018 5:14 pm

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So... discord channel anyone?

Permanent Linkby DrakeZephyr on Wed Nov 28, 2018 5:14 pm

On the urging of... someone, I've tried to throw together a discord server with no experience and barely any knowledge of how discord works. The problems are endless... however, if anyone... and some of you know who you are, wish a little corner of the internet to chat about thoughts, opinions and theories about any of my dragons or worlds or so on... or just drift into general discussions only tangentally related... now you have a place!

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I'm on Patreon, kinda, please read this

Permanent Linkby DrakeZephyr on Thu Feb 08, 2018 8:18 am

Greetings to the scant handful of people who might eventually bother to read a blog. As the title implies, I've joined Patreon
The usual reasons, Life woes and such, the pressing need to eat. I won't bore you, long story short, it occurred to me, some of those who read my work might be willing to chip in a little, and a lot of littles... reaches a lot.
So the important bit, how will this effect those who view my work? You'll be glad to know, it'll be all positive. There will be nothing exclusive to Patreon, I'm not going to screw over my fanbase by suddenly charging for what I've been handing out. This is more... tip-jar than anything. What it does mean, is in order to make my patreon legit, I'm going to be posting more regularly. As a little, encouragement, all future stories will be put on early release on Patreon, a week early, but I won't do the cruel thing...

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Cruelty in Vore?

Permanent Linkby DrakeZephyr on Mon Nov 16, 2015 8:21 am

In the end, we're all rather odd, aren't we? The best guess is that we're people for whom either the act of dominance goes to its extreme till it's not just dominant and submissive, but predator and prey... where eating them is the ultimate domination, or perhaps we're people for whom the importance of food and sex have become a little... cross wired in our heads. Who knows.
For the longest time I've been trying to figure out a tree of classification for the vore fetish, but as no doubt any of you who have been on this site or any site with vore more than a week will be well aware how diverse and convoluted a fetish it is. There almost as many specific likes as there are of us... Broadly, though, one of the places where we split in half is in cruelty. In the end, unless you're within the faction where vore is never fatal, then it's revolves around the quite lethal thing that is being eaten alive.

In the end, this is a matter very close to our hearts, whether sexual or not, it is something...

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My future writing

Permanent Linkby DrakeZephyr on Sat Feb 16, 2013 12:58 pm

I'll be honest, real life is restricting my time, as well as the fact I'm now trying to write a novel. Now, I believe a crucial point is to keep writing as my past-time, but recently my idea pool has been a little low for things I want to post here. I have one thing I'm trying to write, a long tale that returns to the dragon divers, due to popular request.
I ask all of you, anyone who watches me, officially or not, to take this blog to ask me any questions you like about the world, or worlds I've built up here, as a way to help me see what other people want to know about, for future projects. Also, for anyone to suggest some aspect of these worlds they'd like to see a story based around.
Also, I enjoy trying new things, and I'll try anything once, so please, if anyone here wants to suggest something for me to write, feel free to, either via this blog, or by sending me a PM. Some ideas, I may simply not know what to do with, but all I will ponder, and consider, and in the fullness of time,...

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Working with words

Permanent Linkby DrakeZephyr on Thu May 03, 2012 6:34 pm

I've found myself thinking on how we use words a lot lately. The words we choose can change a meaning, give different messages and conjour different images. People's perceptions of reality can be changed by how they are asked a question, a word changed in a sentance turns a mishap to a disaster in our memory. I look at my title here as an example, though I wasn't thinking on such things when I put it down. DrakeZephyr, broken to Drake, relating to dragon while still being a viable first name transforms the second word, Zephyr, a light breeze into a second name. But had I taken a name such as DragonWind, while the words mean much the same, I suspect people here would have felt able to take a guess at what I included in my works, an incorrect guess.
When you look at it, language is an astounding thing, the depth we can convey. Picking the correct word from the ether changes a good story to a great one, makes or breaks a powerful sentance. There is a largely underestimated power there, to...

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