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My thoughts about: "Lack of my favorite type of vore stuff"

Permanent Linkby Emi on Sun Dec 17, 2017 4:56 am

The truth is that all vorarephiles are different, and preference variation is very wide. Thus every of us can say that it's not enough of one's favorite stuff compared to the rest. I can't say that I'm AGAINST any type of vore content, quite the opposite, I'm glad that vore community gets wide and rich with various arts. First I joined Eka's (certainly - 10 years ago!) I was deeply upset with the fact that most of artists here love female preds instead of males which I prefer. But, hey! Every coin has two sides. This made me thinking about becoming an artist myself and "fix the situation", this is how I started to make contents there was lack of. And surely, I'm not alone in this. Every vore artist is stimulated to create stuff by the reason that there's not enough of his/her favorite type. This is definitely good, and I'm thankful to the situation for necessity of becoming an artist and improving my skills. There are artists who... how to say... doesn't get turned on by one's...

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Permanent Linkby Emi on Thu Jan 05, 2017 10:34 am

Emi VORE pages



№ 13

Format: Pure Animation, 3rd person.
Length: 1 min 20 sec
Plot/Pre-vore: no.
Vore Parameters: Soft vore, unwilling, playing, licking, swallowing.
Internal scenes: Short inside m...

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Newest videos available!

Permanent Linkby Emi on Sat Oct 29, 2016 6:27 am

Good news, guys!!! Finally, 2 of my newest videos are available for you!


A 1 minute video where a character plays with the Pred's uvula. Swallowing, soft vore, 3rd person, inside mouth view.
One universal version ?/f. ... ry&path=64

A 1 minute pure animation video. 3rd person + POV. First you see the character being swallowed, then a POV inside esophagus/stomach goes! Binaural internal sounds.
The animation is based on my newest Digestive System v.6.0 model! Yes, this is the one I promised....

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Emi News September 2016

Permanent Linkby Emi on Tue Sep 27, 2016 3:21 am

Emi news here!

Hey guys!!!
The month ends, and however, I'm not gonna leave you without a new video!;) First of all, I'm gonna tell you the GREAT news. Some of you already know, I'm currently working on creating a new Digestive System model (v.6.0). I recieve tons of requests for making a new stomach/digestion video, and I really keep this in mind, but I couldn't make a stomach video without a stomach model. The old one (I mean, stomach model v.4.0) is seen many times already and I don't want to show you the same again. I really wanted to surprise you with something new, and the time has come. The model v.6.0 is not complete yet (I'm still gonna add more amazing details to it), but it's already good for use. So.... yes, you will see it already in 2-3 days (till this month ends!). The model is based on real phototextures and dark slimy atmosphere, plus - ASMR sounds however. So you will feel yourself like in a real stomach.
The video I made this time is not very long. I... I really...

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The Choice 2 video

Permanent Linkby Emi on Sat Jun 04, 2016 10:52 am

The Choice 2 video!

Hey, guys! FINALLY, "The Choice 2" video is released! This is an extremely detalized pure vore animation.
- F/ff feat. Ins
- 2 Large preys get eaten
- New realistic (dynamic) hair
- Updated face expressions
- Real binaural mouth sounds and gulps, loud and clean stomach gurgles (you will enjoy!;))
- The prey tight inside mouth
- 1 minute length of pure animation


1. First way: support me on Patreon
2. Purchase here:
3. Private way to purchase the video (PM or email me)
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