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- May 2017

An apology to a great artist and streamer (Fidchell)

Permanent Linkby FlamingPup on Mon May 08, 2017 9:22 am

Yesterday, during Fidchell's Pokken stream on Twitch, I made the horrible mistake of disputing with him while he was salty, then threatening to send a wave of hate towards his art. The cause of all this? I disagreed with him about the Wii U being garbage. I lost my temper over a debate of a last-gen console, and boy, do I feel stupid. I owe him an apology for making such a huge issue out of something as silly as personal preference. I acted without thinking about the consequences of my actions, or how they'd affect others. I acted purely out of anger, and it was stupid of me to do so.I feel horribly guilty for what happened, and I wish I could go in time and stop myself from saying what I said. I really think he's a talented artist, a very underrated streamer, and a fun guy overall. I don't want to have the chance of being friends with someone like him ruined because of my stupid temper problems.

Fid, if you see this, I'm really sorry about yesterday, and I really want to take it back...Lord...

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