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Uncensored Scenes. 24/09/2019
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Uncensored Scenes. 24/09/2019

Permanent Linkby ForgetfulHatter on Fri May 31, 2019 5:08 pm

I always go heavy on the censoring in my videos sometimes people ask for an uncensored version
so i want to dedicate this Blog to the clips without censoring.

All the vids i've made so far are backed up with the original video file so im unable to edit those
so i'll start doing this from current vids i make from now on.

It's not going to be the full vid just the saucy parts that we're all here for right? ;)

1.) Skyrim Vore - Dark Digester part 6 [The Silence Has Been Broken]!Av9t3bP0mFoxhWsgNyL ... U?e=t8i8Fa

2.) Skyrim Vore - Dark Digester part 7 [Bound Until Death] (just the boat scene nothing else great appears tbh)!Av9t3bP0mFoxhggwIV9 ... k?e=PtG4nO ...

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youtube ones or something. 13/01/2017

Permanent Linkby ForgetfulHatter on Sat Nov 12, 2016 1:18 pm

NOTE: anytime i add something new the titles date will change to reflect that.
its going to be pretty sad when it doesn't get updated anymore won't it? :(

glad computers and internet sites like this can......... :/
remember for me.

anyway i've made some youtube videos
stuff is censored so i'm making this blog post as an area
where i can create links to some uncensored parts.

first up
Skyrim Feral Khajiit Devourment Part 2 [bleaks fall barrow]
oringinal found here: ...
uncensored self suck part here: ... 2117e7cecd

awesome and metal as fuck thanks to FunnyBizness from sexlab for...

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My Devourment Dialogue Mod || 16/07/2017

Permanent Linkby ForgetfulHatter on Thu Mar 24, 2016 5:10 pm

Last updated: 16/07/2017 theres an extra file in the EXTRAS area that has interesting effects on necromancy.

Forgetful Hatters Devourment dialogue expansion

It Began as a little experiment and I'm enjoying and learning as i expand it.

The mod is a dialogue expansion for devourment.
I originally made it for devourment version 0.65c
but really its just dialogue so unless the version you're using redoes all the scripts it should work fine with all versions of devourment

it adds more dialogue and minor features for example

1.) taunting...when you swallow an enemy with intent to do them harm you have more dialogue options to taunt them by pressing G.
2.) if you ask a friend to swallow you can ask them you "let you out" its considered rude because you didn't say please....2 random options will end up getting you digested
3.) can ask anyone to swallow you don't need to be their friend
4.) friends will...

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