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Commissions ON HOLD

Permanent Linkby GrumpMonster on Wed Dec 31, 2014 3:14 am

Since my current commission list is larger than usual, and I still have that fursuit to finish, I'm putting my commissions ON HOLD!

From this point forward, new commissions will be put on my Queue/Waiting list, and will not be touched until my current Commission List is finished.

I expect this to take approximately three months, as I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT miss the deadline for my fursuit commission. So if necessary, I will push all of my drawing commissions aside for February and focus ONLY on my fursuit commission.

I am not entirely sure if I won't get my current drawing commissions done within the next two months, but I'd rather just say that I won't and give you all a pleasant surprise if I do, rather than saying I will but then being unable to do so.

Expect my commissions to re-open after February.

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