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Website/FA Changed, Commissions OPEN for Furnal Equinox!

Permanent Linkby GrumpMonster on Wed Feb 18, 2015 2:06 am

That's right; I've changed my commission website and my FA account... or rather, I've split my website in two, and my FA in two.

My new website for vore/gore/porn is:
My new FA for vore/gore/porn is:

My Zieli accounts on FA and Weebly are now for my clean work only!


On another note, I'll be attending Furnal Equinox! I might see if there's a vore panel, and try to attend if there is.

I'm opening my commissions again for Furnal Equinox; this does NOT mean that I'll be working on commissions before the fursuit partial I have to do is done for the con, it simply means that I feel that my list is small enough to allow me to "open" my commissions without much concern.

If you're attending Furnal Equinox and are interested in a commission, while I will NOT have a dealer or artist's spot, I'm open to taking payment at the con! Completion will be after the con. Talk to me about it if you're interested!

If you're interested in porn from me at the con, OR in the future, feel free to try to find me and just flash me your ID/drop me your usernames. I'll write it down for future reference! (And it means you don't have to send me a digital photo!)

- GrumpMonster

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