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The artist Kaede

Permanent Linkby Hereforvore on Fri Nov 03, 2017 10:25 am

So while browsing the gallery, I came across an artist called Kaede, who has a very cool character creator. I commissioned designs for my first OC from him, and was surprised to discover he hasn't been getting much traffic. I decided to try to give him a hand by spreading word of what he can do.

He will make practically any humanoid OC you want. His editor has a lot of things in it already, and if he can make it to your desire without making anything new, he charges very little for it. If something isnt quite right, he will take the time to design new pieces for your OC and add them to the editor, for just a little extra. I think it's totally worth it, and want to let people know.

On top of that, he does gif icons as well! He also made my new icon, and even offers longer versions with a gut bulge or breast expansion! Once again, very affordable prices.

If you've had an OC idea floating in your head for a while and haven't had the cash or an exact idea of certain details to get someone to spend hours crafting them from scratch, check him out! The more he makes, the better his character creator will become!
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