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   Thu Dec 11, 2008 5:16 pm

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Attention members of 'The Voar'

Permanent Linkby Heretic on Thu Dec 11, 2008 5:16 pm

I am going to set up a seperate thread for the side RP. If we feel the need to discontinue when The Voar shws up, we can opt to have it switched to a different area and used as an OOC thred of sorts, or we can continue it on the side. Please add any last minute suggestions as well a post confirmation that you saw this, if you dont give post confirmation, yes this is a threat, im going to PM you to make sure you know the scoop. Thanks for checking this and we'll get rolling soon.

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Happy message yay!

Permanent Linkby Heretic on Fri Feb 22, 2008 1:20 pm

Im feelin lots better as of late i hafta say ^^ Everything has been going smoothly for me, my girlfriend has been brightening my day for every one of them i see her, snow has finally been falling. And i have to say, i love snow =3. Im finally over my sinus infection and other mysterious virus i had. Now for the only bad news and some information!
Only bad news is that a tendon in my leg got pulled >.<;; Did it to myself though and it'll be good soon so no worries! Just makes it a bugger to move fast.

And my info, im not going to pred for a while, so if you see me in the chat, dont ask please. Thanks! And also, i may not be in the chat around here as often, mostly just cause most of the time i go in nothin really happens or everyones busy ^-^;; I can be reached by IM though! [email protected] for those of you who dunno it =3

Thats all! Have a good day, week, month and year all =3 Talk soon!

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Something wierd O.o;;

Permanent Linkby Heretic on Wed Jun 20, 2007 12:10 pm

I was going through my attic today, i found something quite odd. First of all, i found a big wooden box, this was a box i used to put my stuff in when i was younger, i looked inside and i found a paintball gun from like...years ago and as well i found something i don't remember putting in there...A bloody old civil war type sword o.O;; It's very nice and all but i think a ghost may be infesting my attic...or i just have a bad memory...

Either way, this was a random story by ~Heretic!

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An idea for a RP

Permanent Linkby Heretic on Tue Jun 05, 2007 7:23 pm

Okay, ive thought of something. Someone can have this kind of RP here in the forum as well, but ive been thinking of having a RP in the chatrooms. Like a big group RP ( Gasp! Thats not my style! =O ). Anyway, i wanna do this RP in the SP.F room or the IC room.

The RP is a gangster RP. Like the Mob type gangsters. A violent RP no doubt with much more than just vore. This RP can go into a storyline if you like, like Scarface or the Godfather or Sopranos. All it is is a RP with two opposing gangs, they havent had any problems in the past but thay both start up the same kind of bussiness. They each plan to take eachother down in whatever way possible. Spies, double agents, streetfights and all that stuff, but no guns in this RP. Powers can still be used, but must have limits. It can be as violent or as non-violent as you like but there will be some crazy things happening here. All the specifics of the RP can be discussed through PM's with me here and whispers with me in the chat. If anyone...

[ Continued ]

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Permanent Linkby Heretic on Sun Jun 03, 2007 1:41 pm

Okay, to make a long story quite short, ive been gone a while because of first vacation, some would notice i was back for a short while, to be blunt, i hadnt eaten any real food on this vacation, and i had eaten very little for the short time, so as they would say, i wasnt in the best condition when i came back, turns out when your in bad shape like that, you try and carry a television and you sneeze...bad results. It wasnt a major get surgery done hernia, but it made it hard for me to walk upright, i had to lay down and i really wasnt up for talking to anyone or RPing. Now this is the kicker, after all that i remembered a time before i had a hernia, i merely elevated my legs for a bit and it made it better, i did it this time twice, it worked for a tiny bit the first time the second time released me from pain-town. In short, it's good to eat a lot and bad to cary heavy things when you havent been doing so...also its good to have common sense >.>;;

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