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- February 2018
New story .. Kinda
   Thu Feb 22, 2018 5:14 am

+ January 2018

New story .. Kinda

Permanent Linkby HungryAL on Thu Feb 22, 2018 5:14 am

I was Role Playing with HungryDumpty and he was kind enough to turn it into a story! Here it is!

And for the people I've promised requests to, I'm sorry. I'm a supremely lazy person. It's coming, but really, really slowly. I have no excuses apart from Monster Hunter World has taken over my life.

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Hey guys

Permanent Linkby HungryAL on Sat Jan 06, 2018 4:09 am

First time I'm posting a blog and it's even good news.

My Internet has kicked the bucket so I find myself with a whole heap of free time for the next 2 weeks until a technician can come out and fix it.

So, give me your story or vore ideas and if it's something I like I'll probably have a little something for you to read when my Internet comes back. Probably only 2 - 5 k words at most. Maybe 10 if I really like the idea.

I'll check back here tomorrow and see what we've got. Take care everyone!

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