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- July 2018
writers block
   Sun Jul 01, 2018 3:58 pm

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writers block

Permanent Linkby IEatYouWhole on Sun Jul 01, 2018 3:58 pm

So I recently like a week and a bit ago posted part 3 of one of my stories and though I am continuing it I have no ideas on how to really continue :P which sucks because I have really enjoyed writing the story though wish I did more to focus on some parts of the story I found myself leaving out or not really focusing on even though they were maybe key to the plot :P Anyways I currently have no ideas on how to continue with "Along Came a Snake" and so am stating that I am leaving it to settle for a while, while I finish or start other stories I have posted as well, though it may take me a bit, I hope everyone who enjoys my stories or just story ^^ will wait patiently for me to continue.

P.s. should anyone have any ideas as to how I could maybe continue any of my stories except Dust, pm me ^^ but please let...

[ Continued ]
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